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Introducing the FootfallCam Support Chat App: Enhancing Installation Support and Streamlining Customer Assistance

FootfallCam has recently launched the FootfallCam Support Chat App to simplify installation and enhance customer assistance. Get the App today to connect directly with our dedicated support team for prompt and reliable support.

FootfallCam Support Chat App is designed to assist our customers during installation, engineer callouts and other urgent support needs. With this app, we aim to streamline your installation workflow, facilitate the deployment process, and connect you directly with our dedicated support team to ensure prompt assistance whenever you require it.

Here are some key features of the FootfallCam Support Chat App:


Instant Hardware Installation Support: Through this app, you can plan ahead and book an installation support session with our dedicated team. By scheduling a date and time in advance, our support specialists will be ready to provide you with remote guidance and support. They can assist you in the initial setup of the device and offer advice on the ideal positioning and angle for installation. Our goal is to ensure that your device is properly set up and commissioned before your engineer leaves the site.


Instant Diagnostic: In situations where troubleshooting is required, our technical specialists are just a chat away. They can provide guidance on diagnostic steps to resolve common issues, enabling a fast resolution to any reported problems. This feature has proven to be highly effective in resolving 99% of the issues encountered, helping to minimise downtime and ensure the smooth operation of your FootfallCam device. 


To get started with the FootfallCam Support Chat App, simply download the app from the following sources:


1. App Store (for IOS user) 

2. Google Play Store (for Android User) 

3. Web-version  (accessible via your web browser)


If you don’t have an account, please request it from [email protected] or log a ticket to request the account. 

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