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End to End Project Management for a Multinational Rollout

“FootfallCam not only provide people counting hardware, but an end to end solution covering software, project management and support services. This E2E business model is the key reason why we have chosen FootfallCam as our preferred partner.”

– Unilever

Rich Network of Partners across Regions

FootfallCam has a rich network of local partners and installers who have adequate knowledge on its people counting system. 


Those connections were used to help speed up the roll-out process as installation was gruped into clusters based on geographical location and multiple installation teams can carry out the process concurrently.


The Unilever project covers major regions across Europe.

Example of Installation Cluster Planning

Established Project Management & Support Process

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, FootfallCam has an established process to manage large roll-out projects like Unilever. Below are the different functions involved:

  • Installation
  • Tuning & Verification based on actual site environment
  • Account Set Up and Configuration
  • User Training & Handover

After project handover, FootfallCam continues to play the role of First & Second Line support in its collaboration with Unilever via a Support Contract. Each issue is categorized based on its severity and will be resolved within the SLA. 


FootfallCam cares about the delivery of business value to our clients hence a well-established end to end solution, which set us apart from other competitors. 

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