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Enabling Multinational Rollouts and Business Operations with Our People Counting System

“We’re glad to have chosen a partner that can provide a system spanning multiple countries including franchises, each with their own billing and charging system”

– The Body Shop, United Kingdom.

To date, The Body Shop has deployed over 600 FootfallCam devices across 10 countries within 5 markets, and continues to roll out to newly opened stores in all markets and expansion to other markets.

Challenges in Managing Global Franchise Uniformity

The Body Shop, a multinational retail chain with franchises across countries, seeks a uniform people counting system across its units and franchises for unified data insights. They require a vendor capable of accommodating their diverse business structure.

Advanced Billing System

Addressing the challenge of multinational franchise management, FootfallCam Financial Entity offers tailored solutions for The Body Shop, accommodating diverse market financial requirements, including:

  • Multi-currency billing

  • Market-specific financial terms

  • Customised local charging structures for taxation needs

Multinational Support

Leveraging our global footprint and partner network, we streamline market-specific support for The Body Shop’s multinational presence. Collaborating with local partners, we efficiently execute parallel rollouts with:

  • Localised support and maintenance

  • On-site installation teams

  • Simultaneous multi-market deployment management

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