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Ditch the Paper: FootfallCam Launches First-of-Its-Kind Retail Solution

GUILDFORD, England: FootfallCam today announced its LabelNest LN21TM, a new line of product for retail customers. LabelNest LN21TM is an electronic shelf label (ESL) that is designed to change product pricing quickly and easily. At the same time, LN21TM works in tandem with FootfallCam counters to offer a new way for retailers to gain in-store analytics.


FootfallCam is the first company to combine ESL and people counting technology in a retail solution package. 


To remotely manage each ESL, FootfallCam counters act as a transmitter to wirelessly send data to any label within a 30m radius. At the same time, the counters are able to track customer movements with anonymous skeletal tracking, providing businesses with insights such as product engagement level. 


“As part of the digital transformation, supermarkets and groceries are moving away from traditional paper price tags to electronic shelf labels,” says Dr. Melissa Kao, Director of International Sales at FootfallCam. “Businesses need to rethink the way they work to reduce labour cost and cut errors while embracing the next generation in retail technology.”



Features and benefits of LabelNest LN21TM include:


  • Dynamic Pricing: Save labour cost by updating prices in bulk centrally
  • Product Geolocation: Reduce human error by automatically locating repositioned products
  • Product Engagement Analysis: Analyse product performance by tracking the engagement rate for each product
  • Empty Shelf Alert: Avoid missed sales opportunities by automatically notifying staffs when there is an empty shelf


To find out more about LabelNest LN21TM, visit https://www.labelnest.com/.

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