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Buying guide for airport passenger flow management system

Why does the airport need a people counting system to real time measure the waiting times at each stage of the passenger journey.  It is an important KPI to benchmark the effectiveness of the airport operations against other major airports around the world.

Key considerations:

Different Counting Technologies

The vendor should have different types of devices to cater for a range of scenarios in the airport environment, this includes:

Real Time Dashboard and Alerts

Gives operators a clear overview of the current state, and customised alert setting can ensure timely actions are taken before the issues are escalated.

AI Predictions and Advanced Planning

Using prediction data to do planning in advance, ensuring the service SLA is met with sufficient service desks and staffs allocated to meet the surge in passenger traffic, minimising the waiting time and increasing service throughput.

Management SLA Review

Management can use KPI to benchmark the current month performance and ensure all passengers meet their expectations at all times, and identify areas of improvements.

Customer Experience

Improve passenger experience by minimising long queues, which can lead to extended wait times and dissatisfaction with service levels that do not meet expectations.

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