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Accuracy Audits: Instilling Confidence in your CEO and Staffs
Posted on August 18, 2023 by Admin

“Why Accuracy Audits Are Essential”

Ensuring accuracy in your operations is paramount, and that’s where accuracy audit services come into play. However, these services shouldn’t be overlooked or taken for granted. Behind their effectiveness lies a labour-intensive process that demands attention. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the significance of accuracy audits and why neglecting them could leave room for doubt about your system’s precision, even at the highest levels of your organisation.

Manually Certified for Every Device

A team of tuning specialists fine tunes the settings and collects sample size

Challenges: Ensuring accuracy remains a challenge as it hinges on drawing precise counting lines and circumventing obstacles. 

Solution: Experienced FootfallCam tuners manually adjust each device to define optimal accuracy settings. To ensure accuracy, devices are compared to manual counts from recorded videos. This labor-intensive work is essential.

Video Proof for Reassurance

Withstand scrutiny through the presentation of video evidence

Challenges: Sales conversion is a crucial metric for measuring retail store performance. Consequently, it often faces scrutiny from store managers, given its potential impact on their bonuses.

Solution: FootfallCam archives all manually verified videos for accuracy certificates. Whenever accuracy is questioned, relevant parties can review recorded videos, serving as definitive proof for device accuracy. Its absence could cast doubt and hinder effective performance initiatives.

Auto Detection of Anomalies

AI + Workflow to identify

Challenges: Store layout changes, and at times, overhead decorations may obstruct counter views. Identifying and rectifying accuracy issues in real time is essential to minimise their impact on business metrics.

Solution: FootfallCam AI detection is activated by default, designed to identify anomalies in data trends and intelligently detect overhead objects and changes in walking paths in video analytics. Alerts are promptly sent to the designated support team for real-time confirmation and resolution.

Accuracy SLA

Confidence Level Overview. Data Integrity. Workflow to Track

Challenges: Before presenting the counting data to the management team, you need reassurance that its accuracy has not been compromised. 

Solution: FootfallCam Support 3600 quantifies company and store-level data accuracy and highlights any issues that might compromise its integrity.


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