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3D Pro2 Accuracy Tuning Webinar was a success!

“Learn the Art of Device Tuning and Accuracy Verification where we guide partners through the process of fine-tuning their devices for optimal accuracy. Discover proven techniques to achieve exceptional precision, uncover the step-by-step approach to verifying accuracy, and learn how to maintain device accuracy for reliable and precise people counting results.”

Over 400,000 3D stereo vision people counting devices have been deployed by FootfallCam. 3D Pro2 is renowned for its high accuracy. However, for some counters installed in challenging environments, tuning efforts are sometimes required to achieve 98% accuracy.

FootfallCam has hosted a hardware training webinar, “3D Pro2 Accuracy Tuning” on 6th December 2022. In this webinar, we have guided our partners and resellers to have the capability on how to tune their devices themselves based on different store environments to achieve the highest accuracy. We also explained how we perform accuracy verification. This could save the cost from FootfallCam Verification Service, leaving us with only the most difficult ones.

In this webinar, we have achieved:

  • Setting up the FootfallCam Offline Simulator for accuracy tuning
  • Assess the scenarios and apply appropriate techniques
  • Quantify the accuracy of the devices

We had 192 attendees from 61 countries (Italy, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Singapore, France, etc.) joined this webinar! The webinar was a success, and the response was overwhelmingly positive, proving to be of great interest to our attendees.

The webinar recording is exclusively available to FootfallCam’s authorised partners. If you are an authorised partner and would like to access the webinar, please follow the steps provided below.

1. Login your FootfallCam Reseller Portal account. Click Here to Login Account
2. After successful login, please go to this link.

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