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#232 Real Time Occupancy Counting (Beta Version)

The newly developed occupancy counting for the FootfallCam will be able to provide retail chains and shopping malls alike, insight into the number of consumers within their premise in real time.




Use cases of Occupancy Counting


Assign staff by demand

By knowing exactly how many consumers is in your store in real time, you can deploy staff to the sales floor immediately when there is a high influx of consumers. By effectively placing your staff when they are needed, you can effectively maximise the value of labour and create a better experience for consumers.


Consistently measure consumer engagement

With real time information on customer numbers and movement, you will be able to have an accurate assessment of footfall trend across the entire store network, and be able to see which stores are making the most of the opportunities.


Manage visitors capacity limit

Set maximum occupancy level to receive visual, email, and text warnings when capacity limits for a predefined area is approaching or reached.



Frequently asked questions


1. When will this feature be available?

This feature is currently in beta version and will be available within the coming months.


2. Who will have access to this feature?

All users using a FootfallCam 3D Plus and equivalent devices will be able to view the Occupancy Dashboard. The user’s FootfallCam Analytic Manager account must be registered as a Retail Chain.

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