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#231 Introducing- Staff Exclusion Kit

The newly released complimentary kit to the FootfallCam 3D Plus enables retailers to exclude the counting of staff generated in the footfall trend, and to enhance the accuracy of the FootfallCam sales conversion ratio.

                                                              Compatible with FootfallCam 3D Plus SE

The staff exclusion kit is an external peripheral that is built into the internal chip set of the FootfallCam. The device will be installed at the entrance side of every door way to be easily accessible by staff. The staff exclusion kit will only be compatible with the FootfallCam 3D Plus SE, all existing models of FootfallCam 3D Plus will not be able to use exclude the count nor attach a staff exclusion kit.






How does it work?

Frequently asked questions

1. Will multiple presses on the button discount the staff multiple times?

The staff exclusion will discount the blob of the individual pressing the button, multiple presses on the button will not affect the accuracy.

2. What version of FootfallCam is this compatible with?

The staff exclusion kit is compatible with FootfallCam 3D Plus SE running firmware version 3.1.9G and above.

3. When will the exclusion kit be released?

The staff exclusion kit is going to be released in the coming weeks. Contact us for more details.

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