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#230 Management Tool for Partners

The newly developed FootfallCam Partner Portal will provide partners with the visibility of the FootfallCam of their customers, opening a communication channel for after sales support services for partners.



New Features #1

Project Management

Partners will be able to view the complete list of customers they have and monitor the availability of data for each customers. Through this partners can provide updates to customers on when they can start base business decisions on footfall data.



New Features #2

Counter Management

From the counter management list, parts can review all the counters they have installed for their customers and provide support activities. Partners can proactively monitor that are offline, or counters that have not been calibrated yet.



New Features #3

Knowledge Management

With the knowledge management module, partners will be able to download the sales and marketing materials of FootfallCam to aid in their marketing to their customers. Partners will also be able to download white labelled documents, translatable materials to their own language, and graphical assets to create their own promotional materials.



Frequently asked questions


1.When will the partner be available?

The partner portal is currently live. There are currently three modules available and more are in development works.


2. Who will have access to the partner portal?

All registered resellers of FootfallCam that have purchased at least a unit will have access into the reseller portal.

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