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#225 Introducing Data Integrity Report

The newly developed Data Integrity Report enables customers to determining the authenticity of the data. Users will also be able to determine the root cause of unauthentic data and correct the issue to facilitate high end decision making.



What can you do with the Integrity Report?


Users may quantify the number of counters that are no longer uploading data and contributing to the overall company report in the FootfallCam Analytic Manager. With this report, users will have visibility into the root cause of offline counters and can quantify each cause of issue.




Users will be able to collaboratively work with FootfallCam and bring visibility on issues and concerns to FootfallCam attention. With the integrity report, users may provide feedback to FootfallCam and keep track of issues and progress in one centralised area.



Who is it for?


1. Head Office IT Personnel

The IT personnel will be able to liaise with store managers in rectifying issues where it was due to cabling issues.


2. Head Office Business Personnel

The business personnel will be able to monitor the accuracy audit progress of FootfallCam, and inform store managers of when the data will be accurate and usable for decision making process.

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