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#224 Installing in Huawei Malaysia

FootfallCam had a successful project launch for stores in Huawei Malaysia. Throughout the previous 6 months, FootfallCam had worked closely with Huawei and ShopperCount in deploying the units to all stores in Malaysia. Huawei currently use the people counter for minimising operational loss and improving business process.

Project Management by FootfallCam

FootfallCam managed the entirety of the project by organising which store to install in what sequence. FootfallCam plotted the store along the most convenient path that would be cost efficient for Huawei Malaysia.


Local Presence in Reseller Network

FootfallCam partnered with the local reseller of Malaysia, ShopperCount in proposing a suitable solution for Huawei Malaysia. FootfallCam provided ShopperCount with templates of business proposals and presentation slides to use when dealing with Huawei. With a established reseller network, Huawei is assured to have support services with no languge barrier, and time zone issues.

How does Huawei Malaysia use the data?
1. What is the opportunity costs of Huawei Malaysia?
The sales conversion metric provided Huawei with a macro view of determining at which point of the buying process did the consumer lose interest and fail to convert to a sale.2. What is the Return on Investment of promotional campaigns?
The marketing effectiveness report provided Huawei with the means to determine effectiveness of distribution channel and plan for future marketing events effectively.

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