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#223 Evolution of People Counters

People Counter have been used within the past 2 decades and over the years, the technology of the counters have improved drastically. Each new generation of people counters overcome the flaws and inaccuracies presented by its predecessor.




Infrared Bean Counter


Horizontal infrared beam directed across an entrance that automatically counts an individual whenever the beam is broken. It is widely considered as highly inaccurate due to variations of multiple visitors entering the store, and inability to differentiate entering or exiting the store.

Expected Accuracy of Infrared Beam Counter: 60% – 80%



Thermal Counter


Thermal imaging systems using array sensors to detect heat sources using embedded technology. It is highly unreliable due to inaccuracies with slight variations in weather, and humidity of its environment.

Expected Accuracy of Infrared Beam Counter: 60% – 80%



2D People Counter


Video people counters that uses camera imaging to count the number of people entering or leaving the premise directly from a footage by detecting movement in the background. It is highly inaccurate since it cannot differentiate objects and humans apart.

Expected Accuracy of 2D People Counter: 80% – 95%

3D People Counter


Fourth generation of people counter combines the technology of third generation and Wi-Fi counting, allowing users to obtain further business insight than before. Additionally, using stereoscopic vision to detect height, fourth generation counters can effectively avoid false counting presented by third generation counters.

Expected Accuracy of 3D People Counter : Above 95%

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