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#219 FootfallCam manages over 5,000 counters!

Watson / Marionnaud / The Perfume Shop

FootfallCam had a successful first phase rollout at for the largest pharmaceutical retail chain in Asia, Watsons. Throughout the year, FootfallCam has created over 10 deployment plans, train over 50 installers, and installed over 5,000 counters in 10 different countries. The project with Watsons is so successful that it have begun rolling out to other A.S.W brands like The Perfume Shop and Marionnaud.

Project Management by FootfallCam

FootfallCam managed the entirety of the project by proposing to A.S.W on which store to install in what sequence. FootfallCam organised the entirety of the rollout by organising it in clusters, for a more cost efficient option. Once A.S.W has accepted the proposal by FootfallCam, FootfallCam began to contacting certified installers to initiate the next stage.

Certified Installers with Remote Support

FootfallCam contacted its installers throughout the globe to ask whether they would like to partake in this massive rollout. The installers of FootfallCam were given extensive training on how to properly install the counter, to identify hardware issues during installation, and to position the counter at its most optimal position. FootfallCam further supported the certified installers by remotely supporting their installation via Whatsapp to ensure that A.S.W will receive their data without any issue.

Proactively Monitoring Counters’ Status

Ensured each counter is able to achieve over 95% accuracy. In addition, FootfallCam monitored the status of all counters daily and informed A.S Watsons whenever a counter has lost network connectivity to resolve the issue.

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