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#218 Simplified Installation Process

With the latest upcoming firmware upgrade to FootfallCam 3D+, the installation of FootfallCam counters will be made easier than ever with the guidance of artificial intelligence. The counters will be able to automatically create the detection range of visitors and simplified the process of installation with automatic checker.





1. Simplified Calibration Process
Users will no longer need to navigate through obstacles while forming the tracking zone to avoid the counting of inanimate objects.


2. Quicker Installation Workflow
Installers will no longer be required to draw the tracking zone.


3. Shorter Time for Data Readiness
The exclusion of additional calibration requirements allow users to have verification video for accuracy audit quicker.




1. Clearing Path Detection
FootfallCam 3D+ counters will be able to automatically determine whether the field of view is free of obstruction. If the field of view of the counter is obscured by decorations or signage, the counter will prompt the installer and advise the re-positioning of the counter.


2. Automatic Focus
The artificial intelligence program within FootfallCam will be able to distinguish a blur live feed against a sharpened feed. The counter will automatically focus the image of the live view if the recorded feed of the counter is blurred.


3. Depth Map Formation Check
The depth map of the counter will be automatically examined based on advanced pixelation detection algorithm to form a complete and perfect depth map from the field of view of the counter to accurately determine the height of objects and humans alike.


4. Enhanced Noise Filtering
The FootfallCam is capable of recognising the environment of its installation to filter static objects from visitor counts. The filtering algorithm has been enhanced to react quicker to changes, hastening the time it takes for the counter to learn the background from 15 minutes to 5 minutes.


5. Brightness Detector
A new algorithm that automatically places the counter into standby mode when the camera does not detect any form of lighting.





1. Draw IN Line
The line to indicate the entry point of a store.


2. Draw OUT Line
The line to indicate the exit point of a store.


3. Auto Forming Zone
Once the two lines are drawn, the tracking zone will be automatically formed within a radius of 1.5 metres.





Feature Description

Error Prompt

An error message will automatically prompt the installer if there is no valid points detected to automatically form the tracking zone.

Ideal Settings

An option to automatically turn on all ideal setting based on a study of over 10,000 counters installed and verified.

Ceiling Height Estimator

The ceiling height of the installed store will be automatically configured to an estimated height of the store if the field is not filled in during installation.

Automatic Digital Zoom

Counters that are installed in ceiling heights that would otherwise be incompatible will be able to zoom in in the live feed to count accurately.

Frame Rate Resolution

The resolution and responsiveness of the live feed the counter records have been significantly improved in both image quality and frame rate.


We believe that with this new update, the overall workflow of users in receiving accurate counting data will be significantly reduced.

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