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#211 Accuracy Audit

Concrete Evidence

FootfallCam is the first People Counter that allows users to verify the accuracy and claims of FootfallCam. With the Accuracy Audit feature, users will be able to manually schedule a video recording and test the counting accuracy of the device against manual counting.

This gives users the chance to verify the claims of FootfallCam regarding People Counting Accuracy. Users will also be able to manually verify the accuracy of the counters when in doubt. If the accuracy they verified differs from the generated verification report, they can provide recorded video proof to FootfallCam support team and we will investigate the cause of the disparity in accuracy.

Manual Verification

Users will first need to schedule a video recording from the FootfallCam Analytic Manager. Once the video recording has been scheduled and is uploaded, users may view the video. The video will automatically detect the time when the FootfallCam counts the consumers entering and leaving the store. Users will have to manually count the consumers entering and leaving the store against the system counts.

Verification Report

Once the manual verification process is completed, users will be able to generate a verification report allowing them to view the accuracy of the FootfallCam. The verification report will also include the video recordings used in the manual verification process for anyone to audit the process. This method allows users to audit the manual verification conducted by FootfallCam verification specialists.

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