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#210 Installation Marathon

Fastest Installation Time

Fast is a rather relative term. When FootfallCam speaks of fast installation, we are referring to within an hour or less time frame. Fast installations of FootfallCam allow shops to minimise inconveniences in servicing their customers and allow the users to receive their valuable consumer data sooner. Four of FootfallCam certified installer has broken a new record in counters installation, by installing a massive 1,000 counters in just two months.

Making FootfallCam History

FootfallCam certified installer, Lyndon is making history and upping the standards for installation speed. Lyndon had installed over 50 counters in a single week, that averages to 10 counters per day. Lyndon has installed over 275 counters in the span of two months.


How was it possible?

FootfallCam is quick and easy to install. With the simplistic installation component, each of our certified installers was able to complete an average of 9 counters in varying locations per day. In fact, most of the time spent during the installation process was to travel to different sites to proceed with the next installation. The key feature of FootfallCam that significantly reduces installation time while also enhancing reliability is the one cable installation. By using only one cable, minimum work is required and we have eliminated the inefficiencies of complex system design. Having only one cable to be run for the installation, this means anyone is capable of handling the process without erroneous assumptions.


What does faster installation time mean?

Faster installation time in FootfallCam allows FootfallCam to begin the verification process as soon as possible. This translate to an increase in the rate of the user being able to have reliable data coming from the FootfallCam. As standard verification process will take an average of 7 to 14 days to audit the accuracy of the FootfallCam, having a head start on the process allows it to be finished sooner. Furthermore, the quicker the store has access to the counter in their store, the sooner it is for the store to have access to their data. This way, the store will be able to make informed business decisions regarding display options, staffing arrangements, and evaluate campaign effectiveness.



FootfallCam is committed to the integrity of the data and to our customers. We are constantly striving to improve our installation process and installation speed. We hope that with the continuous development of our products, we will be able to install a people counter in every store; paving the way for retailers to create informed business decisions.

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