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#209 Auto Allocate Device to FootfallCam Analytic Manager

FootfallCam is constantly pumping out new contents that would enhance the user experience. With the newest developed firmware version of FootfallCam, users will be able to have working data of their FootfallCam in just three simple steps. The previous steps of individually assigning each FootfallCam counter to a specific store branch is removed, saving users the tediousness especially when stores require more than 2 FootfallCam.


The new process is as follow:

  1. With the new automated process, once a store branch has been created on FootfallCam Analytic Manager, a unique installation code will be generated referencing to the store branch.
  2. The user will need to share the installation code with their engineer and the engineer will input the installation code into the FootfallCam device post-installation.
  3. Once the installation code has been inputted, the counter will automatically allocate itself to the referenced store branch.


We believe that with the introduction of this feature, all new installation will be easier and proceed quicker; thereby allowing users to have their data ready quicker.

This newly developed installation process will be instated once FootfallCam v.3.1.8 is release. The release note will be distributed prior to the release of the firmware version with a detailed list of changes.



Automatic Allocation

As part of FootfallCam ongoing effort to make footfall data easily accessible to everyone, FootfallCam have greatly enhanced and simplified the process of allocating a newly installed counter to the Analytic Manager. With the input of a unique installation code that is generated whenever a new branch on the Analytic Manager is created, the device will automatically allocate itself to into the relevant site branch when the unique installation code is inputted. Once the installation code is entered, the counter will enter a pre-allocation stage before finalising the allocation.


In the event that the premise of installation does not have network connectivity, the engineer will still be able to set up the device as normal. In this situation, the device will be placed in a permanent pre-allocation stage until the device have network connectivity.



Automatic Failure Detection

A pre-allocation stage is added to the FootfallCam prior to being allocated on the FootfallCam Analytic Manager to prevent the corruption of unstable data. The pre-allocation stage will occur for a total of two hours, during this time, the FootfallCam must have internet connectivity for an uninterrupted period of two hours otherwise, the counter will not be allocated to the Analytic Manager. When the FootfallCam counter detects a hardware failure, the counter will automatically attempt to reboot itself, thus resetting the two-hour timer.


This feature minimizes the possibilities of missing data issue with hardware failure, and raises visibility of problematic counters. This feature will also give users an insight into hardware issues that may impact the integrity of data.

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