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#208 Business Intelligence Systems Integration

Integration with Business Intelligence Systems

FootfallCam is a fully embedded software module, intended for any environment where store footfall counting is required. Business intelligence (BI) system extracts and analyses footfall data (from FootfallCam central server) together with ePoS data or staff labour hours (from retailer’s ePoS system or staff management system) to produce management report for corporate strategic planning.

We work together with third parties to ensure that you are getting the best and most up to date information possible. If your current system can manage the data, we can output the data in quasi real time, enabling you to make quasi real time operational decisions.

Visibility of Return on Investment

“Should We be doing more of the same campaign, or is it time to change tactics?”

Similar to A/B testing, retailers will be able to precisely monitor which campaign, which channel of distribution, and which display placement works best for each store. Retailers can determine the type of messaging, promotional offering, and other marketing efforts that can lead to higher visitor counts, and higher conversion ratio based on the location. With this visibility on how effective their campaigns are, retailers are given the opportunity to make adjustments into their offerings and campaigns to figure out the strategic operations that work, and the ones that do not.

Extended Range of Compatibility

FootfallCam export centre is capable of exporting in three different methods and to a variety of recipient. FootfallCam offers three form of export for users to integrate their data.

  • Manual Export: Users may choose to manually export their data via an excel format or may schedule for the excel file with raw data to be automatically emailed to their defined address.
  • API: Through an API query, users may choose to automatically synchronise the footfall counting data to their ePoS.
  • FTP: With an FTP file access provided by the retailer for FootfallCam, or by FootfallCam for the retailer, the raw data file will be automatically pushed to the directory of the FTP file.

FootfallCam is capable of exporting data via FTP and API to over 50 different business intelligence systems. Some of our partnered may be found below.

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