Hinweiss is a flexible & retail-oriented Business Analytics Platform. It works as a single pane of glass for decision makers, by integrating information from different sources (such as ERP´s, e-commerce, Traffic Counter Cameras, Google Analytics, e-mail platforms, Excel files, among others).

We Specialised in

We have clients across Latin-America and Europe, whose vast majority belong to the retail and shopping malls industry. Our platform allows to merge the different sales channels´ information (i.e. brick-and-mortar shops with e-commerce), being a relevant tool for decision-makers.

FootfallCam - Hinweiss Levis project
FootfallCam - Hinweiss Levis project


FootfallCam - Hinweiss NIK project

NIK Strategies

Taking into account that we already had key information about our clients and considering how valuable their time is, we built a proactive system that allows them to set certain alerts in case a specific situation occurs. Usually, it is used to identify outliers (i.e. in sales, visitors or conversion, to name a few).

FootfallCam - Hinweiss Rooftop.tv project


Our vision it to make Business Intelligence tools easy & suitable for everyone. In that sense, we recently launched a space in which high quality content made by industry experts is published in different formats (videos, articles, podcasts). We strongly believe that adding Rooftop.tv to Hinweiss´ cutting-edge technology will turn out in a better tool for decision-making.


Hinweiss is a subscription-based service with a monthly fee, with no integration & implementation costs and with no need to commit for a specific time period. Together we would define a roadmap to prioritize the implementation across the different areas and sources.

Why Choose Us

People Counting - Henweiss (Take advantages of technology)

Take advantage of technologies

Hinweiss allows to make complex queries over a few seconds, letting the user optimize its valuable time.

People Counting - Hinweiss (Business Intelligence)

Business Intelligence

Make better decisions, through accurate & real-time information from different sources.

People Counting - Hinweiss (Traffic cameras)

Traffic-counter camera

We integrate Footfall´s people counting systems.

People Counting - Hinweiss (Flexibility)


Our platform is adaptable for every user and organization.

Support & Professional Team

Support and professional team

We have a specialized team that will assist you to make the most of the platform.

Icon Hub


We integrate different data sources, letting the user centralize the most relevant information of their companies in only one platform.

People Counting - Hinweiss (Intuitive)


Its easy-to-use interface allow every person to navigate on Hinweiss, independently of technical or technological knowledge.

People Counting - Hinweiss (Unlimited users)

Unlimited users

We believe on data usage across all the organization, independently of the hierarchical position -obviously with certain restrictions and different profiles.

People Counting - Hinweiss (Starter Pack)

Starter pack

While other BI tools offer an “empty canvas”, Hinweiss already has pre-defined KPI´s that might be useful for every business. We provide template dashboards and widgets, but also they could be customised to match the clients´ needs.