Araya Solutions - FootfallCam Reseller
Araya Solutions - FootfallCam Reseller
Araya Solutions - FootfallCam Reseller
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Why Araya Solutions

Araya Solutions is the oldest and most trusted partner of FootfallCam provider of people counting solutions in the UAE. Our partnership dates to 2016, thus, proudly serving as the authorized distributor of FootfallCam's cutting-edge devices. Renowned for accuracy and reliability, we cater to top-tier retail brands and shopping malls, offering tailor-made solutions that empower businesses with data-driven insights for optimized operations and enhanced customer experiences.

With a skilled team and customer-centric approach, Araya Solutions continues to push the boundaries of innovation, making us the go-to choice for top-tier people counting solutions.

Our core skills around AI, Machine Learning and Data Analytics empowers us to answer complex retail KPI’s around store and venue performance.

We Offer

Araya Solutions - We Offer

We provide People Counting System in Dubai:

  • FootfallCam Systems (Counting Systems)
  • Occupancy
Araya Solutions - We Offer

At the same time, we provide services:

  • Software Setup & Implementation
  • Heatmaps, Area Analysis & Performance Management
  • Customer Support & Project Management
  • Turnkey Projects
Footfall Counting System

Reshaping Retail: How To Increase Footfalls in Your Retail Stores

Elevate the operations of your store or mall through an AI people-counting system. By leveraging the usefulness of this new technology, you can analyze customer behavior, measure foot traffic, and use accurate data to upgrade your operations. Turn your run-of-the-mill retail visit into an experiential one that keeps customers coming back.

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How it works

How People Counting System Works.

People counting systems or people counters provide meaningful analytics that has helped retail chians of all sizes ranging from small, mid and large.

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