Araya Solutions

Araya Solutions is the oldest and most trusted partner of FootfallCam provider of people counting solutions in the UAE. Our partnership dates to 2016, thus, proudly serving as the authorized distributor of FootfallCam's cutting-edge devices. Renowned for accuracy and reliability, we cater to top-tier retail brands and shopping malls, offering tailor-made solutions that empower businesses with data-driven insights for optimized operations and enhanced customer experiences.

With a skilled team and customer-centric approach, Araya Solutions continues to push the boundaries of innovation, making us the go-to choice for top-tier people counting solutions.

Our core skills around AI, Machine Learning and Data Analytics empowers us to answer complex retail KPI’s around store and venue performance.

We Specialised in

Araya Solution - Big Brand Retail Chains

Big Brand Retail Chains

Araya Solution - Single Owner Retail Stores

Single Owner Retail Stores

Araya Solution - Shopping Malls

Shopping Malls

Araya Solution - Museums


Araya Solution - Libraries


Araya Solution - Beauty Stores

Beauty Stores

Araya Solution - Car Showrooms

Car Showrooms

Araya Solution - Airports


We Offer

Araya Solutions - People Counting with Reporting

People Counting with Reporting

  • Software Setup and Implementation
  • Hardware Installation Services
  • Turnkey Projects
Araya solutions - In-Store Retail Analytics

In-Store Retail Analytics

  • Heatmaps, Area Analysis, Performance Management
  • Location and Presence Analytics
Araya Solutions - Data Analytics, Data Visualisation and Dashboarding

Data Analytics, Data Visualisation and Dashboarding

Araya Solutions - Customer Support & Project Management

Customer Support & Project Management


Araya Solutions - Projects

A Large Business District in Dubai with over 200 Counters were deployed with the help of Araya Solutions. Client name on request.

Araya Solutions - Projects

A big multi brand retailer was helped in selecting the best people counting technology which replaced its legacy systems. Over 100+ stores deployed. Additionally, a full In-Store analytics solution was deployed in key stores which helped the operations and marketing teams tremendously.

Araya Solutions - Projects

A well renown group of Café’ & Bistros implemented People counting across all stores in UAE which helped them adjust and understand the customer visitor trend and align marketing campaigns accordingly.


Please reach out to us at [email protected] to request for products and pricing.