Techqon by w.wittwer ag

Techqon, the engineering department of the w. wittwer ag, is specialized in the conception, planning, and execution of smart building solutions.

We Specialised in

Techqon - Retail Stores

Retail Stores

Techqon - Shopping Malls

Shopping Malls

Techqon - Public Places

Public Places

We Offer

Techqon - Hardware Installation Service

Hardware Installation Service

Techqon - Planning and Consultation

Planning and Consultation

Techqon - Hardware Delivery

Hardware Delivery

Techqon - On-Site Field Service Support Available

On-Site Field Service Support Available


Techqon - People Counter System

People Counter System

Techqon - Cloud-Based People Counting Software

Cloud-Based People Counting Software

Why Choose Us

With many years of experience in advising, planning, and implementing Smart Building projects in public spaces and retail stores, w. wittwer ag offers comprehensive solutions in the areas of security, energy efficiency, automation, and people counting.