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We sales people counting system and manufacture the EAS system.

We Specialised in

Tec Tree - People Counting Solution

People Counting Solution

Tec Tree - Anti-Theft Solution

Anti-theft Solution

Why Choose Us

Based on many years of work experience and technology, as a solution and service provider that considers customer satisfaction as the highest value, we are making a good company in the market competition through the following three corporate cultures and creating a financially and organizationally healthy company.

Communication and Respect

It is two-way communication between managers and employees so that each person develops his or her potential, helps and respects each other to make the best use of that ability, strives to be rewarded according to performance and contribution, and has reasonable and fair opportunities .

Trust and Personal Responsibility

It's about knowing what you're doing and working with passion so you can make the right decisions. To know what we're going to do, we constantly embrace new knowledge and change, and work together to achieve our goals.

Excellent Services

We provide the best service possible by understanding your business needs and anticipating future needs. Through many years of technology and experience, we can provide superior products and services in a timely manner to meet the needs of corporate customers .