Geoplan Philippines, Inc.

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Geoplan PH is a distributor and system integrator company based in Manila. Founded 1997 in Tokyo, Japan. We later expanded to Manila and Seoul in 2011. Geoplan PH specialized in Industry 4.0 RTLS, IoT and smart solutions, GIS & location-based technologies, professional AV system, rugged mobile computing serving industries from utilities, telecoms, manufacturing, logistics, engineering & construction, retail, healthcare and government.

Unit 211 SCC Bldg., Communications Foundation Asia, 4427 Old Sta Mesa St., Sta Mesa, Manila, Philippines, 1016

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We Specialised in

Geoplan Philippines - Malls & Retail Stores

Malls & Retail Stores

(People Counting & Tracking, Systems Integration)

Geoplan Philippines - Manufacturing & Logistics

Manufacturing & Logistics

(People Counting & Tracking, Systems Integration)

Geoplan Philippines - Utilities & Government

Utilities & Government

(People Counting & Tracking, Systems Integration)

Geoplan Philippines - Commercial & Industrial

Commercial & Industrial

(People Counting & Tracking, Systems Integration)

We Offer

Geoplan Philippines - Project Planning & Management

Project Planning & Management

Geoplan Philippines - Software Customization

Software Customization

Geoplan Philippines - Software Integration

Software Integration

Geoplan Philippines - Hardware Installation Service

Hardware Installation Service

Geoplan Philippines - Extended Warranty & Maintenance Support Services

Extended Warranty & Maintenance Support Services

Why Choose Us

With over 25 years of experience in industrial and commercial smart applications, Geoplan can contribute its know-how and industry experience in people tracking and counting applications.

Over 10 years experience in local industry;

First level support with nationwide onsite support coverage;

Implementation and systems integration capability to integrate people counting and tracking in your enterprise applications;

Support teams from inception to project completion.