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Why Oman Cloud

With more than decades of experience in the security solutions industry, OmanCloud has installed over 10,000 surveillance cameras throughout Oman. We specialize in alarms, access control, CCTV cameras, and system integration. We consistently present cutting-edge solutions to satisfy the evolving demands of enterprises. We guarantee the best quality of service because we are dedicated to mutual respect, integrity, prompt service, and teamwork. OmanCloud has a staff of skilled software and field engineers thus it is well-suited to provide sophisticated counting systems. OmanCloud is a perfect fit for delivering the best counting systems’ experience.

Footfall Counting System

We provide People Counting System in Oman

Installation Services

  • Service: Expert setup and installation of the Footfallcam people-counting system Integration Services
  • Value added: Ensure accurate data collection and data integrity from the start, minizine downtime, technical issues.

Data Analysis and Reporting Services:

  • Detailed analysis and customizable reporting derived from the gathered data
  • Value added: Provides actionable insights to optimize staffing, marketing strategies, and store layouts, boosting overall business performance.

Maintenance & Support Services:

  • Service: Regular maintence and technical support to ensure system reliability and performace
  • Value added: Ensure continues data integrity from the footfallCam devices, providing clients with reliable and accurate data for informed decision-making.

Training & support

  • Service: In-depth training for client staff and dedicated support to address any issues
  • Value added: Ensure users are well-trained and able to operate the system efficiently, enhacing effectiveness and productity.

Integration Services

  • Service: System integration of Footfall Cam data wit exisisting business systems (e.g., POS, CRM, BI System)
  • Value added: Enaches the utility of the data by creating a unified system that provides comprehensive business intelligence.

Customization Solutions

  • Service: customized solutions to satisfy certain requirements and commercial goals.
  • Value added: Offers insights and metrics aligned with your business goals and needs.

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