ShopperCount is the leading provider of people counters in Malaysia. We are an authorised reseller of FootfallCam, the leading brand in the people counting industry. We are dedicated to provide a comprehensive service to retailers and shopping centers. This includes consultation, installation, training and maintenance. We have successfully implemented a number of projects across Malaysia, this includes Watsons, MAPS theme park, Lacoste, Paradigm Mall and many more.

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Our Services

ICO Consultation

Sales Consultation

We will work through the plan with you on the best fit for your store based on conversion rate, traffic density, and accuracy requirements.

ICO Consultation

Technical Support

Our localised support team will work with you to ensure that the device is running properly and running as accurately as possible.

ICO Consultation


Our installers have over 800 stores of experience in Malaysia, and are trained to manage each installation to the different environment.

Case Studies


Watsons Malaysia

As one of the largest pharmaceutical chain in all of Asia, Watsons Personal Care Stores relied heavily on people counters to measure their sales conversions. ShopperCount have performed over 800 installation jobs for Watsons Malaysia and assisted in the calibration and maintenance of the counters on behalf of FootfallCam. Watsons Malaysia received localised support services from FootfallCam in the national languages of Malaysia, and had no barriers to communication.



Lacoste as one of the largest retail clothing chain globally, needed macro view of their data to determine the effectiveness of their promotional campaign and their product offerings. FootfallCam allowed Lacoste to evaluate their distribution channels to determine how effective promotional advertisements are disseminated. Lacoste was also able to determine whether their promotional offerings was able to justified the cost of advertisements with a significant return on investment.



As one of the rising leader in global information and communications technology provider, Huawei had a need of people counting in order to ascertain their position in the market. ShopperCount project managed the entire rollout of Huawei and trained the in house contractors of Huawei Malaysia. ShopperCount ensured that the contractors were knowledgeable in the positioning of the counters, and worked closely with Huawei Malaysia in optimising calibration of the counters to its most optimal accuracy.


Paradigm Mall

Paradigm Mall in Johor Bahru is the largest shopping mall in all of Johor. ShopperCount have held frequent meetings with Paradigm Mall in their head office to discuss about their requirements and concerns for FootfallCam. ShopperCount then pointed these feedbacks back to FootfallCam and worked alongside FootfallCam to create a uniquely customised reporting feature for Paradigm Mall to track traffic flow of the mall.



MAPS had sourced for a variety of footfall solutions that encompassed footfall data, analysis of data, and a software with dashboard to showcase the information. Shopper Count had visited the site of MAPS on behalf of FootfallCam in consulting a suitable solution for MAPS. ShopperCount had presented the Visit Duration report to MAPS which allow them to track the engagement of their customer and determining which attraction was among the more popular option.

Jakel Mall

Jakel Mall

Jakel Mall was seeking for a people counting solution in order to determine their total opportunity costs from visitors that failed to convert to a customer. Prior to the installation of FootfallCam, Jakel Mal had experimented with older generations of people counters like infrared counters and thermal counters. However, with the older models the visitor count Jakel Mall received was highly inaccurate and did not feel confident basing management decisions on inaccurate data.

Product Packages

Retail Footfall


Accurate people counting technology using 3D Depth map determines customer visits with precision in any condition.

Retail Heat Map


Analyzes customer engagement in-store to understand user behavior, identify popular and unpopular areas.

Mall Traffic


Utilising FootfallCam Centroid™, the facial features of customers can be recognised and analysed using the video stream from your existing CCTV system.

Why Choose Us

We offer our customers comprehensive service, on-site consultation, installation and technical support.

We have more than 14 years of experience in security business and in people counting industry.

We have worked with many companies in different industries across 13 states in Malaysia, from independent stores to multi-national retail chains, and from shopping malls to public venues and institutions.

We assign designated account manager to work closely with each customer, helping them to understand the metrics, interpret and translate them into actionable insights.

We can ensure the support and service delivered in fast response time and bring the right expertise in every situation.