Established in 2004. Specialized in imaging products/solutions including barcode scanners, document scanners, surveillance cameras. Selling mainly imported products with local service and support.

We Specialised in

AUG INC. - Amusement Parks

Amusement Parks

AUG INC. - Museums


AUG INC. - Retail Stores

Retail Stores

We Offer

AUG INC. - Presales Consulting / Site Survey

Presales Consulting / Site Survey

AUG INC. - Installation


AUG INC. - On Site Support

On Site Support

AUG INC. - Software Development

Software Development

Showcase #2

AUG INC. - European Fashion Brand Store

European Fashion Brand Store

AUG INC. - Art Museums

Art Museums

AUG INC. - Aquariums


Why Choose Us

More than 10 years of experience of people counting industry with experienced technical staff.

Selling imported products with the same level of service and support as local products.