MINDSYS, is a technology company operating mainly in the retail and technology industries. Offers innovative software and equipment solutions which empower the presentation and promotion of services and products in the physical store networks and electronic marketplaces.

Specifically, the company specializes in the sectors of retail, telephony, information technology, clothing, food & energy, in Greece and Cyprus.

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Mindsys - All Retail Stores

All Retail Stores

Mindsys - Shopping Malls

Shopping Malls

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Mindsys - Software Development

Software Development

Mindsys - Software Integration and Customisation

Software Integration and Customisation

Mindsys - Hardware Installation Service

Hardware Installation Service

Mindsys - First Line Customer Support

First Line Customer Support

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More than 13 years of accumulated experience in the people counting industry.

On-site field service support available

First line support team available