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Sylvania, Australia

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Why Occupancy Count Technologies

OccupancyCount Technologies is FootfallCam’s Australian Partner based in Sydney with over 20 years of combined telecommunications and IoT (Internet of Things) experience amongst the team. We are the experts in implementing people counting sensors for a variety of industries in Australia with a proven track record for delivery in both public and private enterprises.

Our personalised team of experts provide bespoke end-to-end support from counter implementation to data visualisation to ensure your experience is as smooth as possible and that you maximise the value of the data provided by the counters.

Our partnership with FootfallCam ensures that you receive the leading products in the people counting market combined with local knowledge, expertise and support.

We Offer

Footfall Counting System

We provide People Counting System in Australia

  • Installation Services
  • Integration Services
  • Training & Support
  • Data Analysis Services
  • Maintenance & Support Services

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