In-Depth Analysis

Provide insights into patron engagement with digital signage and marketing campaigns.


In Depth Analysis

With people counters installed throughout the premise, learn how much traffic each exhibit receive to gauge their impact on patrons and identify exhibits that succeed and those that need further development by comparing traffic numbers and engagement for each display.

  • Area Counting - Track the movement of patrons between corridors to quantify number of visitors in each area.
  • Traffic Heatmap - In depth analysis of patron engagement to digital signages and marketing campaigns throughout the museums and libraries.
FootfallCam People Counting System - In Depth Analysis

Solution Overview

  • Plan Better Displays - Using detailed traffic counts and understanding the path of patrons’ journey, you can plan to place displays in your busiest areas. Find out how access to resources may be improved and how signs can be more useful.
  • Patron Profiling per Area - Showcases where visitors go after visiting a promotional event, to offer objective evidence on retail opportunities available to retail tenants.
  • Evaluate Effectiveness of Campaigns - Differentiate your day to day operations and traffic from special events and campaigns to turn these events into data and understand how to increase traffic during these events.
FootfallCam People Counting System - Solution Overview

Why FootfallCam ?

  • Reliable - With high grade components used in the hardware, FootfallCam have a mean time between failure of 25 years, allowing us to offer extended warranty on our products upward to 5 additional years.
  • Easy Implementation - Integrate with minimal effort to any sized museums and libraries by reusing existing infrastructure from previous people counter or security camera systems.
  • Project Management - FootfallCam project management tool make the planning for a large scale rollout simple. FootfallCam personnel will plan out the installation arrangement and schedule and you can monitor the progress through the tool.
FootfallCam People Counting System - Why FootfallCam ?