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Solid Proof to Justify your request with Valid Data

Non-profit organizations such as libraries and museums don’t generate much revenue. They mainly rely on the funding from government or patrons to maintain operations and yet many of them don’t have access to the funds needed to provide resources to the increasing demand. People counting technology is crucial for non-profit organizations to justify their requests for an increased budget with valid numbers and metrics that prove the necessity for additional resources.

People Counting Solution For Museum and Libraries

Request for Additional Labor

Prove that more staff is needed to adequately serve the increasing number of visitors with the daily footfall data.

Request for Additional Resources

Prove the necessity of resources such as computers, tablets, etc. by showing the daily usages. E.g. 40% of the total visitors uses the computer lab proving that it is a valuable resource.

Resource Planning

Optimised Operation With Limited Budget. Zone Analytics gives organizations the visibility on building’s usages and determine what space is over- or under-utilized, helps them to allocate resource more efficiently.

Facility Planning

Identify the best and most easily accessed areas to place the facilities such as computer labs, printing stations, etc. You can also identify the busiest hours to determine the ideal operating hour for the facilities such as cafés, kiosks, etc. Determine which facility visitors use most often or find most useful based on number of visitors in the particular area.

Display Planning

Reach More Audiences with Better Placement. With the ability to measure the access and effectiveness of displays (e.g. redirecting the traffic from certain areas to others), organizations will be able to find out where the signs or media displays might be better placed.

Promotional Events

Inspire More Visitors to Support your Facility. Demonstrate your value to the community by proving how well your promotional events have helped in increasing the Number of visitors, Number of new visitors created and Visit frequency for returning visitors.

Security Personnel

Security personnel in museum and libraries use people traffic as a measure of occupancy and to determine the amount of staff required throughout the day. Is the space safe and security adequate? Also, are people entering unauthorized areas or behaving in a suspicious manner such as running away?

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Deployment and implementation

Museum and libraries Deployment

Using our network of resellers, Footfallcam helped the parties to deploy footfall counters in included camera position consultation based on floor plan, project rollout and etc

Onsite Field Support

Footfallcam can optionally provide maintenance contract which included site visit, telephone technical support and extended hardware warranty

Flexible Payment Terms

One off payment or monthly payment over multiple years are available

IT System Support

Our in-house IT expert can help you to set up, customise and migrate datas

Large Venue Suite

Door Counter
FootfallCam 3D Plus

3D video counter

Count visitor in and out, outside traffics and turn in rate

Easily plug and play

One cable installation

Accuracy certified

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Zone Counter
FootfallCam Zone Counter

Museum and libraries specific metrics: zone analytics, traffic flow, duration staying in a zone

Heat map

Easy to install

Accuracy certified

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Software Suite
FootfallCam Analytics Manager V8

10+ ready made reports

Integrate with Staff Management Software, for staff planning

System Health Check Report

Account access control

Analytics workspace

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How to buy from us?

FootfallCam work with a global network of reseller to offer local services to our customers, as well as support from us. We are more than happy to work with appointed contractors from retailers and guiding you on the dimensioning and commissioning of the system, and supporting your installation of the system.

Appointing your own contractor

End users can appoint their own contractor to deal with FootfallCam directly. FootfallCam can work alongside the contractor in designing and planning the installations, and supporting the installation remotely.

How to buy from us?

Buying from FootfallCam Authorised Reseller

End users may also purchase directly from FootfallCam authorised reseller for local support, alternatively you may contact FootfallCam directly and we will forward you to one of our trusted reseller in your area.

How to buy from us?

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