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#202 Installing at Bonmarché

Bonmarché’s Discovery on a Viable Footfall Solution

BACKGROUND: Bonmarché is a clothing retailer based in West Yorkshire, United Kingdom.Bonmarché positions itself as a high-end fashion retailer dedicated to women. Bonmarché’s finicky and preciseness in every aspect is what bring them to where they are today.   They would be particular down to every bit to pick out the best in the market. Presently, Bonmarché has over 380 stores nationwide, over 300 of which is using FootfallCam 3D.

INITIAL STAGE: Initially, Bonmarché started off with installing only one unit of Footfallcam. We liaised with the project manager of Bonmarché and showcased our product, explaining its functions and capabilities. Once Bonmarché’s expectation has been reached and beyond, he saw potential in our product, Bonmarché had requested for an initial rollout of 60 units of Footfallcam as first phase of their installation.

VALUE PROPOSITION: By incorporating our devices into their stores, Bonmarché received numerous insights and invaluable business data that enhances their decision-making process. These insights and business data are in the forms of multitude of reports which are hosted on our cloud server, provided to our clients at no extra cost. These insights and business data gave way for Bonmarché to renovate their business process. Bonmarché is able to use visitor count data to effectively determine which store receives the best reception location wised, and which entrance of their stores face the most usage. This allowed them to display mannequins and stocks on lesser used entrances without compromising visitation count.

Bonmarché uses the sales conversion rate in assessing stores performance. The conversion rate is processed through the integration of both Footfallcam and their own ePoS system. Through the use of the sales conversion, Bonmarché is given detailed insight into the behavior of their consumer and also the consumers’ perception of their store. This information allowed the upper management to make high risk and fallible decisions with maximum reassurance. To further simplify the process of data exportation, upper level management can automate the emailing process to have the business report be sent to the manager’s email daily or weekly, set to the likings of the manager.

ROLL OUT PHASE: Bonmarché has gained confidence in FootfallCam and they continued to roll out to over 300 of the stores presently. During the installation phase, FootfallCam worked closely with the self-appointed installer of Bonmarché in guiding the installer on how to properly install a unit into a store. We provided free training service to the installer to ensure that the installer have full knowledge on the process. This training service is provided at no cost at the expense of an installer paid for by Bonmarché themselves. We even provided installation guidance and support over telephone and messaging to the convenience of the client during off peak hours. This reinforces our goal of providing a stress free and simple experience to our client.

SUMMARY: To encapsulate, Footfallcam had a successful rollout with Bonmarché. Although there were difficulties and issues during the rolling out process, Footfallcam has provided assistance and guidance at every convenience. It is in the foreseeable future that every Bonmarché stores would have a Footfallcam unit installed at the entrance.


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