Large People Counting Projects

Highlighting some of the key criteria that customers would consider when drawing up the requirements for their RFP.

Keeping Project Cost Low with Timely Delivery

Meeting Timelines and Within Budget

Each project comes with unique requirements to fulfil. Vendors without prior experience in similar projects face unknown-unknown technical risks, leading to challenges in accurately estimating costs and time. When dealing with entirely new features, building from scratch can result in exorbitant software development costs and persistently buggy functions.

FootfallCam leverages its extensive experience in delivering thousands of large projects, which provides a robust code base to cater to diverse and specific project requirements. The solution involves cost-effective re-configuration of certain modules and seamless integration of different parts, ensuring lower technical risk and efficient implementation.

FootfallCam People Counting System - Meeting Timelines and Within Budget

Custom-Built Features and Complimentary Engineering Hours

Ensuring Successful Project Handover

In adherence to the bid requirements, the vendors are obligated to provide all essential features. Any additional functionalities not present in the standard product offerings will require custom development, potentially leading to increased costs.

FootfallCam usually offers a designated amount of engineering hours as complimentary service, to provide a solution tailored to specific project requests. This commitment guarantees a successful handover, ensuring smooth project implementation and customer satisfaction.

FootfallCam People Counting System - Ensuring Successful Project Handover

Customisable Data Analytics Platform

Versatile and Tailorable Software

A significant business challenge faced by large people counting projects arises when the system lacks a modular architecture with configurable attributes, leading to cost-prohibitive customisation.

FootfallCam provides a comprehensive solution that includes a rule engine, custom dashboard designers, and an app development platform. These tools empower businesses to configure a personalised set of settings that align precisely with their unique needs, making customisation easier and cost-effective.

FootfallCam People Counting System - Versatile and Tailorable Software

Future-Proof, Extensible, No “Vendor Lock-in”

Scalable for Future Requirement

Customers often encounter difficulties when dealing with subsystems that do not communicate with each other. The inability to add other data sources or 3rd party devices in the future may lead to concerns about "vendor lock-in." If the system lacks flexibility, incorporating new features becomes challenging, and customers may perceive this as a "Hit and Run" approach by the vendor.

FootfallCam provides a comprehensive solution through its open architecture. This flexibility empowers customers to seamlessly integrate their data and devices into the FootfallCam platform or incorporate FootfallCam's people counting data into their existing system, resulting in a unified management system.

FootfallCam People Counting System - Scalable for Future Requirement

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