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People Counting in Belgium

Belgische bedrijven zijn vooruitstrevend en behoren tot de eersten ter wereld die systemen voor het tellen van mensen gebruiken voor de efficiëntie in winkels, winkelcentra, musea, fabrieken, openbaar vervoer en kantoren. FootfallCam-partners, met kantoren in Antwerpen, Gent, Charleroi, Luik en de Stad Brussel, zetten zich in om lokale bedrijven te helpen bij het verlagen van de arbeidskosten en het streven naar een concurrerend maar duurzaam zakelijk ecosysteem.

Les entreprises belges sont avant-gardistes, étant parmi les premières au monde à utiliser des systèmes de comptage de personnes pour plus d'efficacité dans les magasins de détail, les centres commerciaux, les musées, les usines, les transports publics et les bureaux. Les partenaires de FootfallCam, avec des bureaux à Anvers, Gand, Charleroi, Liège et la Ville de Bruxelles, s'engagent à aider les entreprises locales à réduire les coûts de main-d'œuvre et à lutter pour un écosystème commercial compétitif mais durable.

Local Case Studies

Some of our local deployments across multiple industries.


    Carrefour Market Diepenbeek has introduced a footfall counting system in its premise. This technology monitors the flow of visitors, providing management with insights into the busiest hours. This information is crucial for optimising staff allocation, ensuring efficient customer service during peak times.


    Sint-Niklaaskerk van Mesen, a cherished landmark in Mesen, aims to gain insights into visitor traffic with FootfallCam people counters. With this, the management can better plan for staff scheduling, enabling better operational efficiency.


    The electronics and appliances retailer, PC Yellow, has installed people counters in its stores to monitor the number of visitors. It allows the management to justify the effectiveness of the promotional events, providing valuable insights to enhance customer satisfaction.


    The leading European bedding and bedroom furniture company, Swiss Sense, has deployed FootfallCam solutions across Europe, including the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, and Austria, to analyse store traffic trends across regions, facilitating data-driven decisions and store optimisation.


    In partnership with FootfallCam, Group Brepoels has implemented people counting technologies across a variety of retail chains, including Carrefour Market Alma, Colruyt, Hubo, and Bristol Schoenenwinkel. The systems track visitor numbers in the stores, offering critical insights into in-store traffic trends.


    The leading retailer of baby products and accessories, Baby-Dump, has obtained consumer insights from FootfallCam technology. The deployment aligning seamlessly with its dedication to providing a comfortable and convenient one-stop shopping experience for parents and children.


    With the help of Accenture, FootfallCam has rolled out across all 500+ The Body Shop stores across Europe. The HQ, franchisee and regional management has access to their stores' live data, to make operational adjustments.


    In collaboration with FootfallCam, DNCS has deployed FootfallCam at the main entrance of De Schorre, a recreational domain in Boom, Belgium. The technology monitors the number of visitors entering the area, offering local municipal authorities a detailed view of visitor traffic trends.


    TORFS, a renowned shoe retailer from Belgium, has implemented a people counting system in its store. The solution measures the number of customers present in the store. It enables decision-makers to gauge the proportion of customers who make purchases and assess the overall store performance


    Mister Genius, a computer repair service shop in Mechelen, Belgium, has equipped its store with a people counting system. This system analyses the flow of customers, offering management comprehensive analytics for business operation enhancement.


    The renowned French eyewear brand, Izipizi, has fitted its stores with FootfallCam people counters. These provide occupancy insights that help management understand peak store hours, assisting in the adjustment of the staff-to-footfall ratio to enhance customer experience.


    The Spanish footwear company, Pikolinos, has implemented 3D people counters in its stores to monitor the occupancy levels. This technology enables the management to gain insights into customer preferences and behaviours, thus aiding in the enhancement of their business strategies for sustainable revenue growth.


    MM BVBA, a specialist in sanitary facility services, has adopted FootfallCam's smart washroom services to enable demand-based cleaning. This solution offers valuable insights into washroom usage, aiding the company in efficiently scheduling cleaning tasks to ensure the clealiness of washrooms.


    Securco, a local partner of FootfallCam, has implemented a traffic counting system for AD Delhaize stores in major cities such as Waereghem, Deinze, Tienen, and Zingem. This technology provides crucial retail insights into traffic trends, aiding management in strategic decision-making.


    Stadium Elle, a contemporary fitness centre in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, Belgium, has installed footfall counters. The installation focused on the ladies-only zone, enabling decision-makers to evaluate the attractiveness of their fitness activities to enhance customer satisfaction.


    By leveraging FootfallCam technology, TowerEye reaffirms its commitment to productivity and efficiency in the workplace. Real-time access to insights ensures that TowerEye remains at the forefront of workplace innovation, fostering a dynamic and engaging work environment.


    Tabloo, a visitor and meeting centre about radioactivity and radioactive waste in Dessel Belgium, has been equipped with FootfallCam. These counters provide insights into the centre's visitor traffic trends, enabling management to assess the effectiveness of their social impact initiatives.


    The leading homegrown retail chain, Kotsovolos, has implemented FootfallCam solutions in its stores. This strategic deployment grants access to comprehensive business insights from traffic patterns, helping them to further solidifying its prominent position in the retail industry.


    Once the renowned cash-and-carry retailer in Belgium, Makro Belgium has installed people counting systems across its store chain nationwide. This implementation aligns with the company's goal of catering to the evolving needs of customers by delivering seamless shopping experiences.


    Studio Henk, a Dutch furniture brand, has implemented people counters in its flagship store in Antwerp, Belgium. This technology provides valuable insights into consumer behaviour and preferences, enabling the management to develop effective business strategies for enhanced customer satisfaction.


    Ikanda has selected FootfallCam as part of its innovative office set up in Haaltert. This integration aims to monitor the occupancy and utilisation rates of various workspaces. With this data, informed decision can be made to improve workplace efficiency.

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