Update Special Operating Hour

Updating the Special Operating Hour for your sites on the v9 website is a straightforward process, consisting of four key steps:

1) Retrieve the site codes by exporting the site list from the v9 website.

2) Download the Special Operating Hour template from this user guide.

3) Complete the template by filling in the site codes and relevant details.

4) Upload the Excel file to the Import & Export page.

1. Get the site codes via exporting site list

Download the site list file on v9 website
Retrieve the site names and site codes from the site list file

2. Download the Special Operating Hour template

3. Fill in the site codes and the relevant details in the template

Fill in the template

4. Upload the excel file via Import & Export page

Navigate to Import & Export
Enter the name of the job for your reference and select Import, then click Create button
Select Special Operating Hour and Manual Upload, then upload the filled template file
Select One-off, then click Save button
Updated on January 4, 2024