Software Overview

FootfallCam Analytic Manager V9™

FootfallCam Analytic Manager V9™ is enterprise web-based control panel designed for user who are managing large number of counters. By collecting data from all counters and store them in a centralised server, user can carry out deep analytics by remotely accessing FootfallCam Analytic Manager V9™ from anywhere.
With a prescriptive dashboard and reports to showcase analysis, user will be able to have better visibility on their store performance level. With access to over 60+ different reports that helps to answer specific business questions, data gets turned into meaningful analyses so user can make data driven decisions to improve business.

Software Specification


Http; Https

Compatible Browser


Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome Version 4.0 or later (Recommended)



10 / 100 Mb Ethernet


NTP, adjustable time zone and automatic daylight-saving adjustment.

Data Delivery


Database Type


Data Backup

Daily full backup for data and configuration file.

Weekly backup to sub server for contingency purpose.

Report Format

Software Upgrade

Software Upgrade

Auto software upgrade.


Duration of Date collected store in device

Data will be collected and store in two levels for a specific period of time before it is deleted.

  Device Level (Store in hardware) Server Level
Raw Data

7 days (Regardless online or offline)

Per Device: 30 days

Per Site: 30 days

Per Area: 30 days

Minutes Data 7 days (Regardless online or offline)

(Site and Area Level)

1-minute Data: -

15-minutes Data: Permanent

Hourly Data (Aggregated) 300 days

(Site and Area Level)


Daily Data (Aggregated) -

(Site and Area Level)


WiFi Data

MAC Address (Online): Delete once uploaded to server

MAC Address (Offline): 3 days

Aggregated: Permanent

(Site Level Only)

30 days


Updated on November 10, 2022