Wifi Counting Module™

Wifi Counting Module™

All FootfallCam people counters have built in Wifi counting feature. Including Wifi counting solution to people counting empowers retailers to make data driven decisions to improve their store sales performance and consumer loyalty, and to produce a more holistic analytic set to retailers.

How does wifi counting work?

Every phone would transmit a Wifi signal every 2 to 8 seconds. Each Wifi signal carries a MAC ID which is unique to each phone. By collecting the unique MAC ID of each phone, FootfallCam can identify unique visitors. The signal strength of each probes can give an approximate location of each visitor.

Available For:

Key Metrics

Outside Traffic

Visitors detected in the vicinity without entering the store

Visit Duration

Measures the duration of shoppers in the store

Returning Customer

Visitors that return to the store over a defined period

Traffic Flow Analysis

Traffic Flow Analysis

Visualising the customer journey from one zone to the next

Wifi Analytics Privacy

We designed our system with the privacy of consumers in mind and are committed to ensuring that all data protection acts are adhere to.

The randomisation of MAC address is specific to a fields in every MAC address. FootfallCam will automatically exclude all detected randomised MAC address and filter accordingly.

The Wi-Fi tracking works in conjunction with video counting to ensure the Footfallcam is accurate.

The Wifi data FootfallCam collects includes an identifier, time stamp, and signal strength.

Identifier: MAC ID of mobile devices will be probed.

Time stamp: Time of detection for MAC ID.

Signal strength: Strength of each probes of MAC ID will be recorded.

All data are processed instantaneously from within the FootfallCam people counter prior to being sent to the FootfallCam server. MAC ID collected by the FootfallCam will be hashed on a one way level and will appear anonymously to both FootfallCam personnel and users of FootfallCam products. No users are allow to view the original MAC ID information of consumers.

Staff are eliminated from the data by excluding their total dwell time based on their detected MAC address. The total dwell time is a configurable threshold that based on the needs of the user of FootfallCam and will exclude all staff devices that are detected which have exceeds the configured threshold.