FootfallCam 3D Plus™ People Counter

FootfallCam 3D Plus AP

FootfallCam people counter is engineered with reliability and efficiency in every function of the device. Every aspect of our people counter is designed with efficient detail to ensure that it can provide the most accurate, most reliable, and most cost effective people counting solution the market has to offer. As the manufacturer of the system, we ensure that only top grade materials are used in the design approach of the device, to offer you a high quality people counting system.

Quad Core Processor

Quad Core Processor

FootfallCam people counter is equipped with a quad core processor running at 1200MHz with a built in GPU which allows us to employ more advance and computationally intensive without compromising accuracy. This results in FootfallCam being able to count accurately in varied and environmentally challenged scenarios, at a rate of 98% accuracy.

Aluminum Unibody

Aluminum Unibody

FootfallCam has a specially designed unibody aluminum casing which acts as a giant heatsink to lower the operating temperature of the device inside the case. As a result, the life span of electrical components is prolonged with our people counter achieving a mean time to failure of 25 years.

Fisheye Wide Angle Lens

Fisheye Wide Angle Lens

By utilising 170O fisheye lens and 5 megapixel camera, FootfallCam people counters are able to offer the widest coverage in the industry. This in conjunction to the high-powered processor in the device significantly reduces the number of FootfallCam requires to cover an area in comparison to traditional people counters by 30%.

3D Video Counting

FootfallCam 3D Plus™ is designed to catered to all types of usage, by using stereoscopic vision, we can perform:

Video counting

Area counting

Queue counting

Heatmap solution

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Wifi Counting

FootfallCam is the first people counter in the world to combine people counting technology with wifi tracking technology to offer an even more accurate visitor count for users.

Outside Traffic

Visitor Duration

Returning Customer

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Other Key Features

Staff Exclusion

Exclude the counting of staff from visitor count for reliable data.

Large Area Counting

Cascade the live view of multiple counters to cover an enlarged area.

LED Troubleshoot

Single led light on the device to diagnose errors and resolve issues.

API Integration

Readily available API keys to export data in seconds resolution.

Easy Installation

Only one cable is required to power and transmit data.

Privacy Guaranteed

Preserves the anonymity of visitors as no individuals may be identified.