Chapter 2: Company Profile

1.0 Company History and Development

1.1 History and Evolution of FootfallCam

Founded in 2002, we have a team of highly skilled engineers, applying their expertise in chosen fields to solve business challenges over the years. We launched several successful products such as FootfallCam, Magic Mirror, and NurseryCam. Our company is focusing on building value chain by having fully in-house integrated software and hardware platform.

FootfallCam company always maintain full control over quality manufacturing, and long-term development of the product. Each of our business unit achieves healthy and perfect growth which allows reinvestment in sustainable evolution of our products.

1.2 Mission

To create thriving environment for engineers, where the team can apply their expertise in the continuous improvement of our products. We aim to achieve stability and long-term career developments of each engineers which are the cornerstone of this mission.

1.3 Vision

We practice continuous improvement of our products in every aspect and aim to replicate the success of FootfallCam and become an engineering firm that specializes on best in class of industrial product.

1.4 Strategy

FootfallCam core strategy is to understand the market needs and invest into research and development to maximise innovation output. Through innovations that fits the market needs, it will ideally increase the revenue of the solution, a major part of the revenue will then be re-invested into the research and development for the growth of our product.

Through technical expertise and grit, FootfallCam moves towards achieving the target market position which is to be the top 3 people counter manufacturer in global market with over 30% total market share. This aim is also a similar target to other products of our company such as Magic Mirror and NurseryCam. The aim can be achieved through successful implementation of the strategy which is listening to market feedbacks, promoting innovations and with the right engineering expertise.

2.0 Business Overview

2.1 Research and Development

Well equipped with 30 highly skilled engineers that are based in both UK Office and Asia Lab, FootfallCam is able to continuously make advancement in its technology of people counting solution.

2.2 Manufacturing Facility

FootfallCam work with global partners as their suppliers for electronic component such as camera board, chips as well as manufacturing of aluminium case and PCB manufacturing. All the electronic boards and testing procedures are assembled in house to ensure no PCB failures. Each 3D unit is required to be calibrated individually using robotic arms to ensure accuracy and consistency.

All our suppliers and partner factories are:

  • ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 registered
  • Aware of REACH regulations and associated obligations, with CoSHH/RoHS practices and policies.
  • Operates a Quality Management System that has gained BS EN ISO 9001:2000 certification
  • Produced and tested by certified IPC specialists (CIS)

2.3 Scale of Global Operations

3.0 Financial and Operational Performance

Over the course of our business in FootfallCam, we have a steadily increase in profit margin every year. Hence allowing us to invest more in our research and development. Aligning to company's business strategy and vision, our reinvestment into research and development takes a vital part in our company's core. Having no outstanding debts and external financing, FootfallCam attains a steady growth in revenue and total assets in the past 3 years.

As shown in the Figure, majority of the profit is allocated into research and development. Aligning with FootfallCam core strategy, the company aims to produce and invigorate innovations. In order to achieve that, FootfallCam will gather market feedbacks to understand the demands and requirement of the people counting solution. All the feedbacks will be carefully thought-through and categorised in considerations of demands, time-allocation, significance, and future demands. Then, FootfallCam engineers will produce output that aligns with the company strategy to generate better revenue by having a better market positioning in the industry.

4.0 Technological Roadmap

Short Term Q3 of 2018

  1. We will release our FootfallCam Analytic Manager 9
  2. We aim to achieve reports to have over 20 new metrics
  3. Our reports will have more than 35 new report templates
  4. Improved loading time of reports and responsiveness
  5. Security enhancement

Medium Term Q4 of 2019

  1. Complete integration with FootfallCam ANPR by merging both systems so that they can communicate as 1 system
  2. Further expand partnerships with EAS, CCTV, ePoS
  3. Demographic analysis of age group and gender

Long Term Q2 of 2020

  1. People Counter can record video on board memory
  2. Works as a CCTV at the same time
  3. New mode of FFC Unifi
  4. Long term goal of Green Initiatives
    1. Reduce carbon emission by 20%
    2. No electric component will produce toxic waste
    3. Further reduce consumption power by 70%

5.0 Product and Services

5.1 FootfallCam 3D Plus (Hardware)

We use proprietary dual lens 3D Stereo Vision for people counting. The 3D depth image can accurately detect the height of the object passing through and by setting a minimum height, the counter can distinguish objects such as trolleys or carts passing by. It can eliminate over-counting issues which is usually caused by human shadows; as well as under-counting issues such as when multiple visitors passed by together at once. FootfallCam uses Wi-Fi tracking to detect the footfall movement of people. It uses Wi-Fi tracking technology with signal detection range of 100m radius in an open space to pick up MAC Addresses every 3-5 seconds. Based on the signal strength, it can determine the persons' movement such as when a person enters the store or if they are just passing by. It also has the capability to determine the visitors dwell time. By storing the unique MAC address of smartphones, more useful metrics can be generated through FootfallCam analytics software. The analytics provide useful and information-rich metric charts for greater visibility over customer movement and behaviour. This includes determining customer dwell time, rate of returning visitors, outside store traffic, cross shopping behaviour, and zone analytics.

5.2 FootfallCam Analytic Manager (Software)

Our software is a user-friendly, web-based software that exists either in cloud server or implemented onto your server which allows you to carry out data analytic with sets of reports. Accessible via a browser on any Internet enabled device, FootfallCam Analytics Manager is able to help manage and collect data from devices and carry out its analytics. FootfallCam Analytics Manager has over 60 types of readily available reports, each with different metrics that is customisable to the user's requirements. This allows users to manage and view only the metrics that they are concerned with.

Its advanced function allows users to collect data from all business functions. It uses analytics to represent the data into useful information. In addition to that, the system's API data can be imported and exported with other 3rd party software. It is a powerful tool for decision makers to generate actionable steps in maximising store effectiveness such as increasing staff or boosting promotional events during known peak hours when visitors are likely to visit your store.

5.3 Service

FootfallCam service consists of 1st and 2nd line support to ensure continuous project management services to help roll out plans for customers. This will ensure timely delivery of turnkey solution. FootfallCam support personnel will also ensure data integrity is delivered and handover to customer in timely manner. Besides being responsible in maintaining the data and system of the solution, FootfallCam will proactively contact the person in charge in the event of any unforeseen issue arises and attempt to perform diagnosis to solve it as quick as possible to ensure minimum data loss during the down time of the system.

Here are some of the examples of the services that we provide:

Services Description
Sales Training We provide training to our new resellers to make sure each and every one of them is well equipped with the knowledge and skill set sufficient to sell FootfallCam in the right way to avoid under-selling or over-selling our capabilities
Project Consultation FootfallCam will be able to provide advice on the project that customers are working on to have more details in regards to costing, timeline and expectations upon completion
Installer Training Customers will have the option to grant its very own in-house engineers to perform the installation themselves. FootfallCam will provide sufficient in-depth training to the installers to equipped them with the knowledge of FootfallCam installation such as camera positioning, number of units, making sure it is installed properly before leaving the site
Data Integration Users may import and export all the data collected by FootfallCam. Importing data into FootfallCam Analytic Manager such as sales data can produce sales conversion report. Exported data can be used to be integrated with customer's very own software, for their own in-house data analysis purpose.
Server Installation Customers may opt for server installation whereby FootfallCam engineers will be installing FootfallCam Analytic Manager software into customer's very own server. All data will be uploaded and stored only in customer's server
Installation Support During an installation, FootfallCam support team will standby according to the support helpdesk time to remotely support every installation. Our team will be checking from our end if the device's position is correctly installed and check if its successfully connected to the server
Accuracy Tuning & Verification FootfallCam team is able to provide accuracy tuning to achieve the best accuracy based on the environment that the unit is installed in. Verification report involves auditing the accuracy level of the unit and indicates the exact accuracy based on the recording videos on selected times of the day

6.0 Partners and Subcontractors

Currently managing network of resellers in 23 different countries, major resellers are based in UK, US, France, Ireland, Italy, Hong Kong and India. Each of the reseller is responsible for customer's marketing and sales effort and they are given sole distributor rights in its designated region. Upon restocking on their inventory level, they are also responsible for importing, storing, delivery and invoicing their customers in the local currency.

Our agreement with each of the reseller is reviewed every 2 years and a customer satisfaction survey is carried out for their customers over the course of the 2 years.

FootfallCam specialised team will carefully study and collect the data to grade each of them to provide visibility for FootfallCam on our Reseller's commitment level to FootfallCam. If the high standard is not achieved as FootfallCam expectation, corrective action plan by FootfallCam is drawn up. In the event the reseller failed to implement the corrective actions and unable to achieve the expected results of FootfallCam, the company will terminate/cancel the status and rights of that particular reseller.

FootfallCam has its very own subcontractors to perform the installation of FootfallCam devices. Each of the subcontractors is fully vetted and undergo an installation training program to ensure the readiness of each subcontractor. The installation contract will be cancelled if the standard of their works could not achieve the high standard of FootfallCam expectations and requirements.

7.0 Business Continuity Plan

7.1 Risk Assessments and Recovery Plan Phases

Board meetings are held annually and risk assessment will be reviewed by the top management to ensure dated identification of potential risks that may occur to the company. In summary, the potential risks and description are listed in the table below to have a better handling over each of the risks.

Potential Risks Description
Natural/Man-made Disasters Disasters such as earthquake, flood, storm, tsunami, fire that may cause damage to the workplace or work force in hindering daily outputs.
Economic Downturn In economical business cycle, there would be times when the company is affected by the recession and the business suffers from a slowdown in economic activity
Supplier Issues There are risks that suppliers are unable to provide the key components of FootfallCam
IT Issues Hacking of systems and major IT failures such as Ransomware
Company Financial Status In the event of insolvency of the company, major bad debts affecting company's financial status, or major shareholders leaving the company
Business Risks Legal issues with other companies such as patents rights, distributors rights or theft of key intellectual property

7.2 Disaster Recovery Plan and Risk Minimisation

Recovery plans are made to tackle the potential risks that may occur to ensure that the company is able to minimise the impact of each disaster that occurred as well as plans to minimise the risk of it occurring.

Recovery Plan Description
Multiple Operation Centre FootfallCam have 2 major operation centre based in UK and Malaysia. Each of the centre is capable to function independently in circumstances where the other is not able to perform its operational duty
Financial Stability Our company has maintained positive cash flow in recent years and maintained relatively large cash reserves. FootfallCam is a private company with zero debt and without any external financing such as (overdrafts, loans, debentures, mortgage, leasing, etc.)
Suppliers Key hardware components such as sensor chip set and processor unit is built on top of industrial standard of Linux operating systems and of seamless specifications of the components can be used in case of disruption of supply chains
IT Practices All internal IT development department complies with the most vigorous IT continuity business practices. Data is being backed up daily by geographic redundancy. This ensure no major data loss in the case of major cyber-attack or IT related disasters
Customer System and Data FootfallCam ensures that customer data can be fully recoverable within 4 working days in the case of major IT issues such as total destruction of server hardware equipment or ransomware cyber- attack by practicing strict and comprehensive backup policy

7.3 Business Discontinuous Plan for Customer

In the case of FootfallCam to cease its all of its operations, the following processes would ensure the uninterrupted and continuous business operations of our existing customers' business and IT systems. Our strategy in achieving our business discontinuous plan for customer are:

  • Escrow source code is being placed in 3rd part vault in case FootfallCam no longer exist, 3rd party will distribute source code to all qualified applicants (existing end users). Source code should contain and allow end users to make all customizable features or disable certain function of all FootfallCam related in-house developed software.
  • Cloud service would be passed to 3rd party service provider where they agreed to charge a small nominal fee to continue operations (only applies to end users)
  • Server software which is installed at on site will continue to operate without disruption in the event where FootfallCam cease operation. All administrative passwords should have already given to end users at the time of installation. FootfallCam does not hold any special administrative password.
Updated on March 23, 2021