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Chapter 1: Sales Info Pack

1.0 Package

FootfallCam offers high quality products at an affordable cost due to FootfallCam being the manufacturer of both the hardware and the software. FootfallCam offers the full package for people counting system.

1.1 Device

FootfallCam 3D Plus is embedded with a powerful 1GHz processor, specifically to run its complex video processing algorithm and to achieve the highest accuracy. FootfallCam is also equipped with super wide-angled lenses with 8 Megapixels that allows the device to cover a wide field of view while providing the best image quality. (View Datasheet)

1.2 Accessories

The package includes all the necessary accessories that is required for the device. This includes a PoE injector, power cable, network cable, and screw kit. Some store environment may call for additional accessories to fit the device to the site, FootfallCam personnel will be able to advise on the best installation set up for the site. For a full list of equipment, please have a look at FootfallCam's Product Catalogue. (View Product Catalogue)

1.3 Lifetime Software License

FootfallCam Analytic Manager V8™ is enterprise web-based control panel designed for customers who are managing large number of counters. It collects data from all counters and store them in a single place where user can carry out deep analytics. Analytic Manager V8™ provide the full analysis of traffic data for individual stores and across multiple store locations, region and the entire chain. (View Datasheet)

1.4 Unlimited Users License

Multiple user accesses can be set up on FootfallCam Analytic Manager V8™ with no limit on the number of user accesses that an account can have. User rights restriction can also be imposed on certain user login to control the access of individual user.

1.5 Lifetime Data Hosting

Data collected by the FootfallCam can be either hosted on FootfallCam's cloud server or on an internal server, both options are available for the package and the historical data will be kept on FootfallCam's server indefinitely.

1.6 Accuracy Audit

Accuracy Audit is a process of ensuring the accuracy of each single people counter. After the installation of each counter, FootfallCam tuning specialist will fine tune the camera's parameters to ensure that it'll have the best accuracy in each different store environment. The accuracy audit provides proof that the camera installed at a particular store achieves the required counting accuracy to ensure the traffic data collected is accurate and reliable.

2.0 Installation

Installation of FootfallCam is simple and only involves pulling one network cable from the router to the counter. The installation can be referenced with our installation guide, which details the whole installation process. Should any installation support be required, you can opt for FootfallCam's Installation Support where we'll provide dedicated support during the installation. (View Installation Quick Guide)

3.0 Support & Maintenance

FootfallCam provides support & maintenance services and various tools for the devices to uphold the integrity of the data collected and to use the data for integration with other services.

3.1 API capability

API is available from our system to export data for integration with other Business Intelligence systems. Raw counter-level data can also be extracted from the device directly with the counter level API. (View API Document)

3.2 IT Requirements

Required IT configurations onsite is minimal and only requires approximately 6KB per counter for each hour to deliver the counting data to our server. (View IT Infrastructure Setup)

3.3 Free Technical Support

Free Technical Support provided includes remote support and maintenance of the device, access to counter firmware and software updates. Majority of technical support requests are resolved remotely without requiring any visits by a technician. Issue diagnosis is also easy with the LED light on each FootfallCam 3D Plus.

3.4 Warranty

All FootfallCam units have a comprehensive 12-months warranty. The warranty period starts automatically when the counter is allocated to the server software. (View Warranty Terms and Conditions)

4.0 Business Benefits

4.1 Installing the first unit

FootfallCam is a highly versatile solution that is applied across a wide range of use-cases and requirements. Even with one unit of the device, the FootfallCam can provide informative data with a wide array of metrics for analysis. FootfallCam provides a wide array of reports that allows for in-depth view of the site across different metrics, the Analytic Manager V8™ comes with an Analytics Centre where the data can be analysed in detailed with comparison between different metrics, sites, and dates. (View Reports Catalogue)

4.2 Sales data integration

FootfallCam Analytic Manager V8™ allows the seamless integration of sales data into the system to generate sales conversion rates, the whole process can be automated after the initial set up.

4.3 Subsequent units

Additional units or site can be easily managed within the same platform and in the same account. Individual devices can be designated as a certain entrance or as a certain area; while sites can be tagged to classify different stores into groups based on their characteristics.

5.0 Purchase

5.1 Payment Method

The devices can be ordered by filling up the Order Form. A quotation will be issued for the Order Form and payment can be done with bank details on the 2nd page of the quotation. Purchases can also be done via PayPal with a Credit Card. (PayPal purchase link)

5.2 Payment Terms

Payment terms are Payment in Advance and payment will be considered fulfilled upon receipt of full payment of the amount invoiced. Please note that payment transfer instruction must be indicated as "OUR".

5.3 Pricing

For pricing details for the device and its accessories, please refer to the Price List that details the price for the system, other accessories, and installation service.

5.4 Product Selection

Type of Counter: Follow the Device Specification Document to select the suitable counter model.              Quantity Required: Fill up the entrance ceiling height and width in FootfallCam calculator to identify the quantify required.

6.0 Delivery

6.1 Delivery Lead Time

Delivery Lead Time

Service Type


Lead Time



7 to 14 days



Within 7 days, subject to clearance

Your own courier company


Determined by your courier

6.2 Delivery Fees

Estimated Delivery Cost (Standard)


Estimated Cost


Estimated Cost


Estimated Cost


Estimated Cost

United Kingdom








United States












South Africa










Hong Kong






Saudi Arabia




















6.3 Duties & Taxes

Terms of shipment for Standard and Expedited shipping is DDU Incoterm, the buyer will be responsible for import duties and custom clearance at port of destination. (View Order and Delivery)

6.4 Payment Terms

FootfallCam will provide Commercial Invoice and Packing List for all of FootfallCam's international shipments. Value of the device is declared at 20$ by default as the cost of the hardware, manual adjustments of the details in the commercial invoice and packing list can be requested to be done.

7.0 RMA Terms & Condition

Cost: For any devices requiring returns, buyer will have to ship back the unit back to FootfallCam's UK or Malaysia office (At own cost), FootfallCam will send out replacement unit for any faulty unit subjected to the terms at no charge.

Process: For a more comprehensive information about the RMA terms and conditions, please refer to FootfallCam's Returns and RMAs Terms and Conditions


Updated on March 22, 2021