For store staff who have uniform

FootfallCam Fabric Staff Tag™

  • Application excluding staff going in and out of premise
  • Visible from many angles
  • Wash Durability and Stain Resistance (not applicable for FC- FAC43)
  • Live Visualisation of Counting
  • Privacy and Security: Identification Anonymize
  • No wireless emission and battery maintenance
  • No training and disturbance of staff routine

About this item

FootfallCam Fabric Staff Tag™ using the latest Time-of-flight technology to exclude any person wearing the tag from being counted. To promote privacy and security, the counter anonymizes the staff exclusion tag’s identification so that it is not traceable.

FootfallCam Fabric Staff Tag - Staff Exclusion Using Time-of-Flight Technology

Staff Exclusion Using Time-of-Flight Technology

FootfallCam Fabric Staff Tag™ with a special reflective surface which is only recognizable to our People Counters, it allow for staff members to be excluded automatically from counting using the latest Time-of-flight technology of our People Counters.

Product Specification

FootfallCam Fabric Staff Tag

Technical Details


FootfallCam 5D Pro™

FootfallCam 3D Mini V3™


FC-FAC41 Fabric Staff Tag Sewing Type

FC-FAC42 Fabric Staff Tag Iron Type

FC-FAC43 Fabric Staff Tag Peel-and-Stick Type


FC-9034 Fabric with 100% cotton / Knitted

FC-9035 Fabric with 65% polyester / 35% cotton

FC-9036 Fabric with polyester or cotton


FC-9034 Sewing with lockstitch, ≤ 12 stitches per inch

FC-9035 Heat Lamination with machine, 165 -190°C

FC-9036 Peel and Stick on clean surface, apply pressure


60 cycles with Machine wash warm 40°C (105°F)

Do NOT bleach / dry-clean

Cool iron 100°C (230°F)