Case Studies

Industry 2

L’Occitane (Australia, Ireland, UK)

L’Occitane bought the counters directly from FootfallCam and installed the counters using their in-house electricians. Data collected from FootfallCam used to analyse traffic patterns, peak period, and rate of store front conversion. It provides parameters for effective staffing and marketing while save cost.

United Colors of Benetton

United Colours of Benetton

Benetton Group is a global fashion brand, based in Italy, with a network of 6,000 stores internationally. Their stores typically have wide entrances, and high traffic such as at Oxford Circus and Knightsbridge in London. All the footfall data streams back to the central server at their head office in Italy. All the branches able to access the data for better resource planning and allocation.

North West Regional College

North West Regional College

North West Regional College (NWRC) is a higher education college in the north-west region of Northern Ireland. The college has three main campuses: Each year approximately 25,000 students attend the college to undertake a range of academic courses. NWRC relies on student traffic pattern analysis to identify if and where changes need to be made to their facilities across their campuses. For example, they monitor students’ access to facilities when spring break comes to make necessary adjustment to staffing and the opening of relevant facilities to save cost.

Tag Heue

TAG Heuer (UK)

TAG Heuer is the switzerland watchmaker of luxury timepiece, and part of the LVMH Group, with boutiques in 57 countries.TAG replaced its previous beam counters with FootfallCam for better accuracy. It is used to measure traffic patterns, to identify peak period, to gauge responses to events/marketing campaign and to monitor sales conversion.

Fred Pery

Fred Perry (UK, Germany)

As a retailer with a variety of situation and high volume of traffic of moving pattern, FootfallCam enables them to measure people accurately on different situation. Our people counter practices a series of video process algorithms to count people even they are moving in groups, in diverse directions, and intelligently discounting trolley, baby carriage, etc. Due to the variances of store environment, camera parameter settings can be fine tuned to make sure it is adjusted to fit into the current store environment and to optimize the counting accuracy.


Unilever- Maille (UK, Germany, French)

Maille is using Footfallcam to measure the performance of staff by comparing number of sales and customers footfall from different store. Some of their store has two level basis. Each floor display and sell different categories of products. FootfallCam is installed in each floor to compare the footfall rate at different floors. The sales conversion rate and customer dwell time at each floor can be compared to better understand the customer’s taste and current trend.


Calendar Club (UK)

Calendar Club using the footfall data able to identify the peak season of customer visit. With the data, Calendar Club able to facilitate the production planning and staff planning easily.


Trek Bicycle Corporation

Trek bicycles are marketed through 1,700 dealers across North America, subsidiaries in Europe and Asia as well as distributors in 90 countries worldwide. With FootfallCam, number of customers flow and cross shopping from different stores can be identified easily.


Savills (Ireland)

Savills provides real estate services from over 600 offices. As a consultation and service provider company, they are using the analytics to identify the ratio of staff to customer and ratio of sales to customers. The problem of overstaff and understaff can be identified easily and establish corrective action plan quicker.

Combine 10

Candy Hero

Candy Hero import unique candy from around the world and sell through online and physical shops in Leeds and York. Footfallcam able to aid management in planning effective operating hours and number of staff required.


Ede and Ravenscroft Ltd

Ede and Ravenscroft Ltd provide ceremonial robes for all occasions, dress the judiciary, including providing handmade wigs, and ensure that graduates from all over the world look their best at graduation ceremonies. The footfall data enable Ede and Ravenscroft Ltd to know how their store font display attracts customers to walk into the store. The door entrance is swing inward when open. FootfallCam was installed 1 meter away from the main entrance to ensure the good accuracy of people counting.


Shetson Management Ltd

Shetson Management Ltd provides property and estate management services. Footfallcam is able to identify the busy hours and improve the efficiency of staff planning.


National Portrait Gallery

The National Portrait Gallery is an art gallery in London housing a collection of portraits of historically important and famous British people. National Portrait Gallery installed FootfallCam in multiple exhibition rooms to gather footfall data from each room. This is to determine which exhibition able to attract more visitors, how many were revisit, and dwell time. The data can be used for future planning to attract more visitors when organizing the similar exhibition.


Camden Art Center

Camden Arts Centre located in the London Borough of Camden, England. It is a place for contemporary visual art and education. Camden Arts Centre provide a platform for its audiences to engage with the process of making art through exhibitions, artist residencies, off-site projects and artist-led activities. The achievement of an event can be measure based on the customers footfall. It also determine which type of event attract more customers.

Quick Silver

Talarius (UK)

Talarius is the leading slot machine gaming operator in the UK, with more than 180 stores. Talarius is looking at a number of business intelligence tools to help it to gain deeper insight into local customer profiling in different venues. Below are the key business questions: “How many customers come in and play?” “Do they play longer?” “How many of them come back and play again?” With the ability to quantify sales opportunities and study on the local customer profiling in different venues, Talarius will be able to optimize store operations and marketing efforts to align with their business objectives. A wide range of standard reports are generated automatically for Talarius to identify the best practices for better managing the portfolio of stores across UK and optimizing the future growth. These reports are designed for different managerial levels such as C-level executives, regional manager, store manager, etc. and scheduled to be sent to the person in charge on a regular basis.

Star Amusement

Star Amusement (Ireland)

Star Amusements is the game and music business operated for twenty five years. They offer the newest games, jukeboxes, and various other amusement equipments. The store display different products in different section. FootfallCam measure visitors in different zone and manager able to determine which zone or machines attract the most customers.