Software Versioning Log

Version: V5.2.7
Release Date: 2018-06-05

Enhancements on shopping mall reports
- Improvements in shopping mall reports design
- CSV generator optimisation
- Other minor bug fixes

Version: V5.2.6
Release Date: 2018-06-04

Issue tracker
- Optimised filter condition
- Changed default list to show all counters on first load

Version: V5.1.5
Release Date: 2018-05-15

Login page minor bug fix

Version: V5.1.2
Release Date: 2018-05-08

Various bug fixes

Version: V4.8.6
Release Date: 2018-04-11

New feature
Zone Analytic Report
- Showcase the total number of visitors per zone on a daily basis
- Traffic flow diagram to showcase where visitors go after entering the compound

Shopping Mall Counter Daily Report
- Showcase the number of visitors each counter detected

Shopping Mall Daily Report
- Showcase the macro trend of footfall level on a daily basis
- Shows the hourly footfall trend on a daily basis
- Shows the daily footfall trend for the previous thirty days
- Shows the number of footfall per counter on an hourly basis

Shopping Mall Monthly Report
- Aggregate monthly traffic and create comparison based on previous year of the same month per zone
- Aggregate monthly traffic and create comparison based on previous year of the same month per corridor

Data Availability Report
- Identify which counter have data and is ready to be use
- Identify causes of why a counter do not have data

Zone Configuration
- Accessible only for users with shopping mall account
- Adjust the coverage of each FootfallCam for specific zones
- Allocate counters to zones
- Option to integrate floor plan configure size of zone

Shopping Mall Account
- Added shopping mall account type to display shopping mall reports

Health Check
- Integrated with counter accuracy for easier navigation and additional function
- Identify whether sales data have been successfully imported into database

Counter Management
- Additional configuration options for counter level and site level
- Option to configure the threshold of Wi-Fi counting per individual counter
- Option to configure the threshold to identify visit duration per site

Import centre
- Back end updates to ensure success of data import and availability
- Minor bug fixes

Version: V4.0.2
Release Date: 2017-12-13

New feature
Improvements on health check page
- Streamlined support processes
- User may now input the colour of the LED lights
- Feedback field added for faster communication for counter issue

Counter live view gallery
- Images from the camera is uploaded to the server periodically
- User may now observe the store environment for any changes remotely

Export centre enhancements
Backup function improvements

Version: V3.4.8
Release Date: 2017-10-27

Counter Re-allocation enhancement
- Better handling for auto re-allocation to new branch when new pairing code applied on counter level
- Reset the raw data and verification video when old counter has been removed in the software, in order to prevent any mixed up when the old counter has been re-assigned to another new store.
- Better handling user flow when customer re-allocation by removed counter from the existing site and added to new site

Site Configuration page User Interface (UI) update

Version: V3.4.7
Release Date: 2017-10-26

minor bug fixes

Version: V3.4.6
Release Date: 2017-10-25

minor bug fixes

Version: V3.4.5
Release Date: 2017-10-24

User interface enhancement on pages
- Provide a better look and feel and standardised the UI elements for different pages

Improvement on automate FTP function

Version: V3.4.4
Release Date: 2017-10-20

Bulk Import function for site details
- Specially designed for retail chain who has more than 20x store. Now user can import the site details (e.g. operating hours, Network setting details for the store, and etc) in one single file to the control panel

Version: V3.4.3
Release Date: 2017-10-19

minor bug fixes

Version: V3.4.2
Release Date: 2017-10-18

minor bug fixes

Version: V3.4.1
Release Date: 2017-10-17

Health Check page improvement- centralised backend table structure for infomation displayed in this page

Version: V3.4.0
Release Date: 2017-10-15

Remote Access to Store Counter
Now customer able to remote access to your store counter anytime from headquarter via FootfallCam Analytic Manager V8
- Available under counter details page

Company Setting Page
- Configure your company setting, company profile in this page
- Configuration parameter includes:
(a) Company Logo
(b) Company Name
(c) Fianancial day
(d) First day of the week
(e) Email server set ip,
(f) FTP retrieve data directly from counter

New Report: Predictive Analytics
Predict next 14 days traffic profile based on the artificial intelligence learned from historical data
- Essential tools for staff planning and stock allocation

Export Centre
- Scheduled the excel file on the traffic data and email automatically in daily or weekly basis
- Export multiple branches via API, FTP and manual download

Health Check Report Enhancement
Now customer can fill in the LED light color of the counter from the onsite diagnosis, and able to communicate with Footfallcam effectively on counter which are no longer in use in the health check page
- Enhance communication between footfallCam and retailer
- Automate daily health check report helps retailer to get alert instantly and reacte faster on the offline counter
- Detailed guideline on how to diagnose when your counter having issue
- Heartbeat enhancement in server level

Version: V3.3.1
Release Date: 2017-09-20

Counter Status
Enhancements made to further improve communications between users and FootfallCam personnel
- Added option for users to select the current lighting of LED status on FootfallCam
- Added "remark" column for users to elaborate on issues with FootfallCam, or if a FootfallCam does not need monitoring due to site renovation, refurbish, and intentional network disconnection
- Added a direct link to download FootfallCam Counter Checking Form for quick onsite diagnosis

Counter Management
Centralised management of overview status of all counters associated with the current Analytic Manager account Centralised management of overview status of all counters associated with the current Analytic Manager account - Simplified process to "Add Site", "Add Counter to Site", and "Edit Details of Site"
- Overview of the counter status, counter verification status and counter firmware version
- Simplified process to "Add Site", "Add Counter to Site", and "Edit Details of Site"
- Overview of the counter status, counter verification status and counter firmware version

Swap Counter
Simplified swap counter process that utilises the "Pairing Code" for automated swapping process
- Renew process to DELETE existing counter from branch and RE-ADD counter to new branch
- Included use of "Pairing Code" to automatically retrieve IT details for FootfallCam when it is installed in the new location

Import Centre
Refined interface to enhance readability, and changes to backend flow for stability
- Updated User Interface
- Increased choices for data format preferences
- Increased diversification and compatibility with more ePoS
- Added import checker to review success or failure of import
- Added "History Log" to review cause of fail importations 

Export Centre
Refined interface to enhance process flow, and increased options methods of data export
- Updated User Interface
- Added TWO new file formats for exporting of data
- Added options for "Hourly" and "Daily" data export
- Increased choices for date format
- Added export checker to review success or failure of export
- Added "History Log" to review cause of fail exportations

Email Scheduler
Complete revamp on function to enhance usability and increase functionality
- Added the option to create "User Group"
- Added the option to create a schedule to apply to the entire "User Group"
- Added function to pause an active schedule 
- Added automated e-mail checker to determine whether the e-mail is missing data or if it has failed to send 
- Added "Error Log" to review whether the e-mail was unsuccessfully sent and cause
- Backend update to function to prevent blank reports or incorrect data in e-mail reports

Sales Conversion Report
Four new sales conversion report for deeper business insight and to better facilitate decision-making process
- Added "Company Wide Weekly Sales Conversion Report"
- Added "Company Wide Daily Sales Conversion Report" 
- Added "Site Weekly Sales Conversion Report"
- Added "Site Daily Sales Conversion Report"

Reporting Function Update
Improve overall report loading speed
- Greatly enhanced the speed of report loading time

Data Aggreggation Enhancement
Back-end changes to data aggregation methods to enhance user experience
- Updated algorithm in data synchronisation to prevent missing data in Analytic Manager or discrepancy in data
- Improve algorithm on handling wi-fi data to allow data procession on server base from counter base

Version: V3.3.0
Release Date: 2017-08-06

- Reporting Improvement: All calculations take the operating hours into account.
- Revenue per visitor section in store weekly report 
- User interface improvement 
- New report templates : Store comparison reports, opening and closing time optimisation report 
- Multi language pack in our report portal : Italian and French 
- Device Portal liveview enhancement 
- Auto Schedule daily health check report 
- Analytics workspace improvement 

Version: V3.2.9
Release Date: 2017-05-30

Analytics Workspace 
- Comparable up to 5 stores, 5 set of timeline and 3 parameters
- New User interface 
- Add to dashboard function to create your own report

Automate SQL Backup 
Major Bug Fixes 
- We're fixing bugs and improving performance every two weeks to make sure you're always running smoothly. We have make a major improvement on data uploading function, metrics calculation and statistic validity in the version.  

Version: V3.2.8
Release Date: 2017-03-18

Simple and Concise User Interface 
  - FootfallCam development team has invested 300 hours in getting our reporting software looks great and simple. We keep thing clear and concise, added some tooltips for the report and setting pages. 

Scalable and Looks Perfect on Mobile 
  - We focus on every single part of the user experience, and created a responsive layout that adapts to very different screen sizes and orientations. Mobile reports dynamically adjust the content to fit your screen. You never see content scrolled out of view or flowing onto a different page. 

Performance and Responsive Speed
- Responsive means fast, we focus on the speed loading for every pages and every single report to every single touch on button. 

Major Bug Fixes
  We're fixing bugs and improving performance every two weeks to make sure you're always running smoothly. We have make a major improvement on data uploading function, metrics calculation and statistic validity in the version.

Version: V3.2.7
Release Date: 2016-12-22

- Improve UI on Store Daily Report
- Dynamic Timeline Setting in Custom Dashboard
- Improve performance in Dashboard
- User Access in Counter Details Page (User level unable to record video and change camera setting)
- CompanyWide Report, change hourly total to average value for all metrics
- Bugs Fixing:
- Operating hour invalid value
- Counting program function improvement

Version: V3.2.6
Release Date: 2016-10-12

- UI Improvement
- Time zone new format handling for Asia & Middle East Countries
- Time series comparison in analytic hence have more variety of comparing tools
- Added total number in all table for store weekly report and company weekly report
- Improve PDF format in health check report
- Aggregation Enhancement

Version: V3.2.5
Release Date: 2016-8-7

- Improvement in Dashboard Page for single chart edit function
- Improvement in Analytic Page where retailers able to view daily total for visit duration
- Enhancement in User access level where admin access to all the branches and user access to specific branches

Version: V3.2.4
Release Date: 2016-5-19

- Marketing Effectiveness: last year data included for better comparison
- Improve comparison framework and user usability
- Improve stability in register new company
- Create your custom report
- Easily drill down and select your data and add to the dashboard
- Improve PDF email loading speed
- More presentable hourly data by day

Version: V3.2.3
Release Date: 2016-3-12

- Improvement in Company Wide Report in title and graph labelling
- Retailer can schedule health check to be send every morning and more details of health check log
- Improvement in Company Registration Page
- Refreshed Counter Detail Page:
a. Reset Counting Data
b. Delete counter
c. Access to the counter setting and view counter setting
d. Counter health check log
e. Able to edit counter name and Reallocate to other branch or new branch
- Enable Outside Traffic Analytics and Outside Operating Hours
- Now we can have 3rd data series where retailer can use the 3rd data series to compare the data in different store and different parameter.

Version: V3.2.2
Release Date: 2015-12-2

- Improvement in Analytics Page which able to view Company Wide statistic in Analytic Page
- Company Wide Daily Report
- Enhancement in Data Aggregation Document
- Users able to add the customs oreferred statistic to create their own customs report in Dashboard

Version: V3.2.1
Release Date: 2015-11-06

- New Store Daily Report and Company Daily Report
- Bugs Fixed and week number synchronization
- Retailer can add 2nd data series to do comparison for different store and different parameter
- Enhance usage of control panel by adding more help tools
- Installation Shield available where user may install in their own corporate server easily
- UI Improvement
- Limit video recording to maximum 3 for verification purpose to enhance the performance of the server control panel

Version: V3.2.0
Release Date: 2015-09-13

- Company Wide Report with Sales Conversion data
- Improvement in Accuracy Audit page
- UI Improvement on the report
- Loading Improvement
- Graph Scaling Improvement
- Able to select your own first day of financial week and select first day of the week
- Self Register Account in Cloud Control Panel
- Data Aggregation Improvement

Version: V3.1.9
Release Date: 2015-06-05

- Add Counter by using Serial Number & IP scan 
- Zone Analytic for Shopping Mall, Museum & some other industries
- Refreshed Accuracy Report layout with more commercial standard
- Email Scheduler in Setting Page to set the day in Weekly Report
- Polished Import & Export via FTP for Sales Conversion & Staff
- New Daily Report
- Email Function for each report
- Improvement on Company Wide Report
a.Retrieve POS Data
b.Add Branchlist
c.Data Accuracy for Dwell Time & Returning Rate
d.Show Visit Duration in table
- Minor UI Improvement
- Set Special Starting Day of operation for all Reports & Analytics

Version: V3.1.8
Release Date: 2015-04-22

- Improve formatting of Scheduled Weekly Report
- Disable video pre-loading function in Accuracy Report
- Improvement on Store Summary Report
- New format in Sales Conversion Report for Store Level
- Minor improvement in Marketing Effectiveness Report
- Enhancement in Email Scheduler Page and added Weekly Report auto email
- Import and Export function via FTP and manual upload in server portal
- Added Excel and CSV file to be exported from the report
- Improvement in Adding Counter Page by using serial number and IP scan to add
- Data Integrity improvement in Reports and Analytics
- New Company Wide Weekly Report

Version: V3.1.7
Release Date: 2015-01-15

- Manually schedule recording time for accuracy audit video.
- Outside Traffic enhancement- calculation on the turn in rate based on the operating hours instead of 24 hour basis, and outside traffic stability enhancement.
- Improvement on the branch selector with auto suggest branch in the search box 
- Validation on counter name when add the counter into the report portal 
- Added year to date data and month to date data on Store Summary Report 
- Minor UI improvement