Firmware Versioning Log

Version: V3.2.0
Release Date: 2018-06-13

-Saved settings enhancement
IT settings will be saved when there is a network issue that the counter cannot connect to network
Automatically save correct IT configuration

Removed NTP Server
TimeZone is now based on Control Panel (support daylight saving time)

Introduce better storage management

Introduce new Resolution (seconds data)
Ability to retrieve data with time range
Increase security concern [User required to re-generate access token]

-Enhanced video upload stability
Ensure videos are uploaded
Videos will be uploaded when internet connection is resumed
Videos will attempt to reupload when previous upload is interrupted

Able to use terminal in web services [Port: 4200 required to whitelist]

-Wifi Threshold
Able to control Wifi Treshold from server Control Panel

-Liveview Image
Monthly live view images will be stored for proactive checking purpose

Other improvements and fixes
-Removed remote access logs
-House Keeping on corrupted tracking DB
-Upload Logs for diagnosis purposes
-Housekeeping for liveview images
-Bug fixes in check Update when the counter is in proxy environment
-Bug fixes in uploading Raw Mac-Address
-Bug fixes in uploading Counting Data
-Bug fixes in uploading Wifi Data
-Bug fixes in startup scripting
-Bug fix on upload status of heartbeat in health check

Version: V3.1.9g
Release Date: 2018-05-28

WiFi data bug fixes
Counter API enhancements
Minor bug fixes

Version: V3.1.9f
Release Date: 2018-04-15

Fixed control panel cache issue
Minor bug fixes

Version: V3.1.9d
Release Date: 2018-02-01

Counter and server timezone standardisation
- Counters' time will now sync with the server's

Version: V3.1.9c
Release Date: 2018-01-24

Minor bug fixes

Version: V3.1.9b
Release Date: 2018-01-16

Enhancement on Accuracy Tuning Tools
- Log the status when the counter parameter successfully updated.

Enhancement on Liveview Checking on Server Control Panel
- Send live view image to server control panel in weekly basis for monitoring

Raw Data Handling on Counter Level
- improve the internal storage with storing the raw counting data in counter for 3 days

Enhancement on User Experience
- Display the allocated branch code and branch name for counter.
- Improvement on mobile view
- Support unicode character

Network Checking Improvement
- Auto detect IP conflict issue

Version: V3.1.9
Release Date: 2017-12-08

Major User Interface revamp to enhance user experience
- Color theme changes for easy to differentiate Device Manager with the FootfallCam Analytics Manager.

Tuning Page Enhancement
- Auto apply tracking zone once In and Out line has been drawn
- Enhance experience for onsite walk test
- Calculate if floor space have enough space based on 3D point from auto generated tracking zone
- Show full live view for recording video
- Auto error checking - Depth map quality and time sync
- Improve security checking after tuning work has been done. Message on confirming the setting change.

Security Enhancement
- Password changed to access the Device manager via Wi-Fi SSID

Counter Level API
- Enhanced the API for export the data directly from counter.
- Add access token on the API in export the data

Version: V3.1.8a
Release Date: 2017-10-03

Security Enhancement
-Upgrade Lighttpd firmware version from v1.4.35 to v1.4.45

Bug Fixes
-fstab validation
-remote access hub validation on heartbeat

Version: V3.1.8
Release Date: 2017-09-27

Counter Replacement
Added the option to simplified replacing a faulty counter or allocating a new counter with the "Pairing Code"
- Added fields to update FootfallCam Analytic Manager with IT Details
- Added use of "Pairing Code" to automatically retrieve IT Details from FootfallCam Analytic Manager to counter when allocating a counter to a branch

New User Interface
Changes to the layout of pages for easier navigation

FTP Function Deprecated in Counter Level
FTP settings can no longer be adjusted in counter
- FTP Settings removed
- Settings are relocated to FootfallCam Analytic Manager

New Feature
Minor additions to existing features for better installation experience
- Added "Remote Access" hub for connecting for regular servers 
- Added the display of branch level on counter if applicable 
- Added MTU settings on counter
- Added core_dump function for debugging
- Added option to download core_dump files 

Bug Fixes
Minor changes for bug fixes
- Camera Name can now only be edited in the "Home Page" 
- Solve the issue when download and upload time function is not working
- Changing the settings on the counter will not reboot the counter

Version: V3.1.7e
Release Date: 2017-09-15

Counting algorithm enhancement
- Counter rectifiy camera Zoom in function(auto and manual way )
- Counter BackGround Removal features
- Operating Hour first and last hour noise filtering on shutter door (faster BGR features)
- Brightness Detector (not counting when too dark)
- Background removal bug fixed (turbo mode)
- Background removal bug fixed (overflow grow with out of range of human height point )
- Turbo Mode enhance( rectifier camera also can use )
- Depth Map Analyzer code optimizing
Note: Re-verification is required for counters have been verified and upgrade to 3.1.7e, as there is a major improvement on counting algorithm to better noise noise handling and performance tracking.

Version: V3.1.7d
Release Date: 2017-08-30

- Minor bug fixes on 3.1.7a

Version: V3.1.7c
Release Date: 2017-08-24

- Minor bug fixes on 3.1.7a

Version: V3.1.7b
Release Date: 2017-06-12

- Custom FTP Function for Watsons Phillipines (only applicable for Watsons PH)

Version: V3.1.7a
Release Date: 2017-05-27

- Solved algorithm table must be replaced during upgrade
- Resolved operating hour must be 00:00 - 23:59
-OfflineSimAuto Fix

Version: V3.1.7
Release Date: 2017-05-25

Exclusion Line
- Added Exclusion line function for exclude the tracking of staff from counting the In and Out at the entrance.
- When the staff cross the exclusion line, it would not be counted even they crossed the In and Out line.
- User Interface of the function in Accuracy setting page

Bandwidth Control Optimisation
- Limit the maximum bandwidth when sending the video file from counter to server.
- Improvement the uploading time in out of standard operating hour
- Randomise the uploading time instead of uploading the video for all counter in a store at the same time.

Modify Update Setting cgi
- Auto Sync FTP Functions from server
- Check server address when it is connectable

Version: V3.1.6
Release Date: 2017-04-26

Area Counting Mode
- Area counting is mainly for stores that have crowded spaces, with random walking pattern. Unable to draw the In/Out line on the store entrance due to limited space.
- Using a tracking zone to count the visitors: when a person enters the tracking zone for more than “2 seconds” (adjustable), it will be counted as IN
- Accuracy level tested: > 90%
- New interface enhancement to enable area counting mode on Tuning page.

Low Ceiling Mode
- For device mounted on the ceiling between 2.15-2.4m.
- It is difficult to form a 3D depth map for accurate tracking purpose, as the left and right view of the lens will have huge difference. And it couldn’t differentiate head and shoulder points of a human.
- Using 2x tracking area to track the background changes and define the direction of walking
- Accuracy level tested: > 80%

Modify Memory Checking on Health Check
- Increased from 5MB to 10MB (The memory should have 30MB free space by default)
- More efficient database handling procedure that improves processing speed and manageability

Algorithm Improvement
- New option to enable "Turbo Mode" that saves computation by constraining operation only on the designated tracking zone

Time Zone Set in Server Control Panel
- Removed time zone setting on device manager. Auto sync with server control panel when create a new company/branch

Version: V3.1.5
Release Date: 2017-04-06

Fixed offline simulator video upload issue
- Able to select schedule online or offline video for download
- Able to upload recording type now

FTP housekeeping
- Added FTP housekeeping run at 1am everyday

Background Removal Function Enabled by Default
- Background removal- to remove all the noise created by the static 3D object.
- Has been turn on as default when commissioning

Version: V3.1.4
Release Date: 2017-03-17

Home Page
- Added operation mode (change between 2D and 3D)

Added link to fsck the counter

Modified rc.local
- Removed system light in rc.local (2 working system light is running)

Counting program
- Stereo recording ready
- 2D background removal
- internally re-inserting calibration parameter from xml file to database

Version: V3.1.3
Release Date: 2017-03-09

Home Page
- Pink Patch Decay now will have max decay rate (10.0)

Advanced Setting Page
- Offset Image changes (-10 to 10)
- Legacy Speed changes (1 to 30)
- Maintain Rate changes (0.000 - 0.995)
- Maintain Rate now using 3 decimal points
- included wNumb library

Heartbeat.cgi and
- CameraError now get from cameraError.txt instead of database

Added syncCount
- Modified HeatMapHourly
- Delete HeatMapDwell when more than 7 days

Counting Program
- background removal now decays immediately when lower trigger reached
- fixed divide by zero error when the screen gone dark
- camera error is now written to a text file instead od database
- fixed random crash caused by depreciated door zone detection code
- fixed exception during white space trimming on input from sqlite3
- verification resuming feature now relies on text file instead on database for better stability

Version: V3.1.2
Release Date: 2017-02-24

Home Page Enhancement
-All settings added warning sign
-Floor Space name changed to Counting Zone
-Counting Zone name changed to Floor Space
-Removed Auto Tune selection in Counting Zone
-Depth Map Section added new selection (Original, Colour Coded, 3D)
-Background Removal can now display in liveview
-Door Zone Section is now disabled

Advance Setting Enhancement
-Added Tracking Section
-Legacy Tracking (2D/3D Mode)
-Added CameraControl Section

Wizard Page Enchancement
-Show camera degree, company serial (if any) , serial on top of page.
-Alert first time setup Ceilingheight and Timezone for new counter.
-Alert if ceiling height not recommend with camera degree.

Allow 65 degree lens to set ceiling height up to 6 meter.

New Features
- Depth map now has 3-in 1 mode: original, colour coded, and 3D
- ParamHandler now handlers null value
- Reworked string to match conversion from database
- Fixed changing Quantisation in UI not triggering background removal reset
- Background removal can be optionally displayed in liveview
- Legacy tracking method added
- Prevent crashes if record schedule more than 10x
- Recording now have an option to include depth map

Modified uploadVideo.cgi
- Added timeout for requests (300s)

Version: V3.1.1a
Release Date: 2017-01-10

- Failsafe added to pinkPatchStep. must be between 0.05 and 0.1
- Failsafe added to OffShiftY, cannot be larger than 10, otherwise ignored
- Display ""camera blocking indefinitely"" on console
- Minor Bug Fix on Pink Patch Upper Lower Trigger
- Minor Bug Fix on floorspace

Version: V3.1.1
Release Date: 2016-12-08

- Split updateSetting into two part
- Show postSetting Error Message when failed to update Server
- Reboot the counter every Wednesday (4.38am)
- Added new WatchDog (extend daily reboot to 10 days)
- Revamped pink patch using 3D coordinates
- Added new Param
(a) PinkPatchSaveFramePeriodMinute
(b) pathMaxFrame
(c) startEndMode
(d) PinkPatchDecayRate

Version: V3.1.0
Release Date: 2016-11-02

- Added new checking (Check timeSync during startup and everyhour)
- Edited Softether IP in Home.html(from ipv4 to ipv6)
- Changes Update Setting, make sure will not update if the server level setting is empty value (For important parameters only)
- UpdateSetting, PostSetting, PostSettingforCalibration added timeout
- Shutter door auto detection
- Fixed ideal setting not in effect when relevant option is enabled
- Reduce server heavy load
- Login and Change Password will now accept special characters
- Fixed watchdog restart raspicam every 2 hours
- New recording method (resume able recording )
- Adjustable bm parameter
- Able to record raw video (without rectified and verification drawing function)
- Set camera error when got error
- New line counting algorithm(vector)
- Height human display on live view
- Depth map advance mode (show different color with different height)
***(Take notes that only 3.0.9a can upgrade to 3.1.0)