5 × Metrics in One Device

Combining 2 Technologies - Video Counting + Wi-Fi Counting

We are the first in the world to combine video analytics counting and Wi-Fi beacon tracking in one device, giving you 6 business metrics:

Video Counting

Wi-Fi Tracking

1) Footfall Counting

2) Outside Traffic

3) Dwell Time

4) Returning Customers

5) Cross Shopping

Video Counting Combine with Wi-Fi Counting

Video counting technology is used to count the absolute number of people enter and exit the site. While Wi-Fi technology enable to capture the Wi-Fi data such as unique mac address from the smart devices people carried and provide deep wi-fi analysis such as zone analytics, dwell time, passer by, turn in rate, traffic flow, returning customer and cross shopping.

Visitor Count

Visit Duration

Cross Shopping

Outside Traffic

Returning Customer

3D Stereo Vision Technology

3D Stereoscopic is using 2 lens to facilitate depth perception and 3D-reconstruction in an image.

Information capture from the two differing views will be combined and interpreted into depth data, which are inversely proportional to the differences in distance to the objects.

Depth information allows camera to distinguish a group of people as separate objects, such as one person in front of another.

It can count accurately even when more than 10 people come in and out of the store at the same time.


Eliminating Overcount due to Shadow Issues

By viewing a scene from two slightly different angles has the ability to extract 3D information (depth data) from the digital images, eliminating shadowing problem.

Accurate Counting in High Traffic

Depth information allows counter to distinguish a group of people as separate objects, such as one person in front of another.

Differentiate Between Trolley and Children

Based on the shape and size of the polygon tracked, FootfallCam counter intelligently discounted non-human object such as trolley, baby pushchair, etc.

How Does Wi-Fi Counting Work?

Each phone would transmit a Wi-Fi beacon signal every 2 - 8 seconds

Each Wi-Fi beacon carries a MAC address which is unique to each phone

By listening to the MAC address, the counter can identify each unique visitor

The signal strength of probes can give the approximate location of each person

Auto Tuning Technology

Auto Tuning Technology

Each shop floor environment is different, however our Wi-Fi tracking can learn the behavior of the walking path based on a large quantity of sample size and auto adjust the setting to suit the unique shop environment. Auto tuning technology is the key development in people counting to ensure all counters across all location are providing more accurate data. This auto-tuning methodology makes sure our counters to maintain 98% accuracy during data collection.

Counting Line

Ceiling Height

Floor Space

3D Imaging

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