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FootfallCam is aiming at becoming the number one supplier of people counting solution in each individual country. In order to achieve this, we need the help of local resellers who could provide local sales and support services. We are actively recruiting the right partners who share our visions and passions in delivering world-class people counting systems to customers in their respective region.

How to Get Started?

One of the many benefits of working with FootfallCam is being a part of a community that delivers valuable resources to help resellers globally promote and sell people counters. Prospective partners may get started to reselling FootfallCam to their clients, or to market the device from the demo package. The demo package provides resellers with a powerful sales and marketing tool designed to introduce the FootfallCam brand to their clients.




Terms and Conditions
  • Purchase of demo package is subject to approval.
  • Every account is entitled to one demo package.
  • All shipment charges are excluded.
  • All duties and tariffs are excluded.
  • Not for resale.

Demo Price


FootfallCam 3D PlusTM Hardware

FootfallCam Analytic Manager Software

FootfallCam Partner Portal

Marketing Materials

Free delivery

Accessories pack

Product Details:

1 GHz Processor

8 GB Device Storage

Metal Alloy Surface

47 V DC, 0.12 A (6W)

0.6 Kg

246mm x 46mm x 28mm

Ideal for


(Trade Account)

Assist the customers by providing sales presentation, demostration showcase of the product, and assist the customers with any and all enquiries in regards to sales aspect of the process.


(Trade Account)

Taking advantage of the global presence that FootfallCam has instil in the people counting industry and capitalises on the opportunities that FootfallCam provide when installation service is needed.

Technical Consultants

(Trade Account)

FootfallCam can work alongside technical consultants by securing the sales aspect of the lead and guiding the customer on how to provide technical support to their end customers.

System integrators

(Trade Account)

System integrators meet customers’ demands by combining products with FootfallCam. System integrators utilises the open API provided by FootfallCam to provide integration services.

Authorised partners

(Authorised resellers)

Partners that have demonstrated expertise in the resale of FootfallCam will be eligible to apply for authorised reseller and will be provided with a marketing website and leads forwarding.


(Authorised resellers)

Established partners can choose to add FootfallCam into their product offerings may apply to be a distributor once they have showed basic knowledge on the usage and resale of the FootfallCam.


Channel integrity

We will never compete with partners. We are committed to driving business by forwarding sales lead to partners.

Innovative leadership

FootfallCam is the market leader in people counting technology, business enablement, and system designs.

Network of opportunities

Partners will have access to the industry’s largest knowledge database of hardware and software solutions.

Professional certification

We continually update our partner portal with the latest development features and marketing materials.

Loyalty program

FootfallCam offers all partners with discounted pricing based on volume purchases, and promotional units.

Global recognition

By partnering with FootfallCam, you are connected to a global organisation with a strong reputation in the market.

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