Authorised Resellers

Authorised resellers of FootfallCam are essentially an extension of the FootfallCam business and will have the authority to resell FootfallCam products on behalf of the business. Authorised resellers have demonstrated their expertise in the marketing, sales, and technical aspect of FootfallCam. As an authorised reseller, the partner will be able to support and manage local resellers within their array of distribution.

Why become an Authorised Reseller?

As an Authorised Reseller of FootfallCam, the partner will be provided with the entire sales and technical template that allows them to deal business in their local region on behalf of FootfallCam. Authorised Resellers are also offered volume pricing incentives to earn higher margin.

Successful Distributor Stories


Established as one of the major people counter provider in United States. To date, Catalyst has served more than 500 retail chains while offering them with FootfallCam solution.


Established as the authorised distributor of FootfallCam in India. Inkryptis support over 50 local resellers on a yearly basis.


Detectag Retail Services have worked closely with FootfallCam as the distributor in Ireland for the previous 4 years. As a distributor, they are able to provide installation support, technical support to both end user and resellers alike.


BigboXX have worked closely with FootfallCam in delivering people counting solution nationwide in Hong Kong. With the training provided by FootfallCam, bigboXX was able to provide installation for over 600 retail stores.

How will FootfallCam help?

FootfallCam will provide all Authorised Reseller with training in regular intervals to ensure that all partners are well equipped in the adertising and marketing of FootfallCam. FootfallCam will provide three modules of training for all Authorised Reseller.

Marketing Training

Building a Website: Building and hosting a dedicated webpage for Authorised Reseller free of charge.
SEO Rules: Optimising search engine result to ensure that the dedicated website built will have a high organic search ranking within the local region.
Google Adwords: Configuring and monitoring Google Adwords performance for Authorised Resellers.

Pre-Sales Training

Outbound Marketing: Guiding partners in building their own list of prospects with e-mail templates for outbound marketing.
Presentation Training: Guiding partners on the unique selling propositions of FootfallCam along with main selling point to different customers.
Performance Evaluation: Providing partners with an accurate evaluation method to indicate success of outbound mailing and sales performance.

After-Sales Training

Installation: Training on standard procedure of installing FootfallCam.
Integration: Training on basics to integrate with ePoS and Bls.
IT Maintenance: Training to ensure that FootfallCam will have minimal downtime and how to perform a standard diagnosis.

Authorised Reseller Model

  Bronze Silver Gold
Number of certifications required 2 5 7
Training required None Milestone A Milestone B and C
Sales presentation
Invoicing customers
Google Adwords
Support other resellers
FootfallCam website listing
Reseller website template
Regional exclusivity
Profit Margin Low Medium High