Panto Group

Panto Group is a Peruvian company composed of three business units: cosmetics, outsourcing and technology. In the technological sphere, we have over 20 years of experience providing different types of solutions to the Retail Industry. Our top priority is customer satisfaction, covering the entire value chain from equipment installation to after-sales services.

El Grupo Panto es una empresa peruana compuesta por tres unidades de negocio: cosméticos, externalización y tecnología. En el ámbito tecnológico, tenemos más de 20 años de experiencia proporcionando diferentes tipos de soluciones a la Industria Minorista. Nuestra máxima prioridad es la satisfacción del cliente, cubriendo toda la cadena de valor desde la instalación del equipo hasta los servicios postventa.

Calle Gabriel Chariarse 415, San Antonio, Miraflores, Lima - Perú

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We Offer

customer support

Customer Support

1 Year Warranty

1 Year Hardware Warranty

hardware installation

Hardware Installation Service

software customisation

Software Customisation


Express Shipping & Local Delivery


End to End Implementation

We Specialised In

small business

Small Businesses



smart city

Smart Cities

large retailer

Large Retailers



fast food industry

Fast Food Industries

shopping mall

Shopping Malls




Local & International Airports





Our Added Value

360 implementation

360 Degree Implementation

We commit to providing comprehensive service that spans all phases of the process, from product acquisition to after-sales support. Our focus is on ensuring efficient and thorough management at every stage of implementation, ensuring customer satisfaction at all times.


Local Technical Support and Installations for Resellers and Customers

We strive to provide agile and efficient technical support to our customers and resellers, ensuring an optimal experience at all times.

Max XP

We Guarantee Maximum Experience

We pledge to ensure an optimal experience for our customers by providing solutions that allow them to maximize their installation and investments through the use of our specialized tools.

Why Choose Us

Dedicated Experience in all industries.

Local and Regional Support

Local and Regional Implementations

Competitive pricing and no hidden fees

Skilled in cost optimization to deliver profitable and competitive solutions

We offer a complete service that starts with product fulfillment in the entire region (North America, Central America and South America), installation service and after-sales support, ensuring a smooth and satisfactory experience for the customer at every stage of the process.