Oman Cloud

Established in 2010, OmanCloud stands as a significant player in the provision of varied technology solutions. Offering a broad spectrum of hardware and software services, the company prides itself in tailoring solutions to fit the unique requirements of both individual and corporate customers. Their impressive line-up of security solutions includes FootfallCam for counting individuals, high-end CCTV systems, and complex access control setups. OmanCloud's relentless dedication to confidentiality and trustworthiness has solidified its position as a reliable partner in the technology solutions industry.

We Specialised in

Oman Cloud - Retail Stores

Retail Stores

Oman Cloud - Shopping Malls

Shopping Malls

Oman Cloud - Government Sectors

Government Sectors

Oman Cloud - Automotive


Oman Cloud - Schools and Universities

Schools and Universities

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We Offer

Oman Cloud - -	Counting People System

Counting People System

Oman Cloud - Car Counting Solutions

Car Counting Solutions

Oman Cloud - Queue Management Solutions

Queue Management Solutions

Oman Cloud - Access Door Solutions

Access Door Solutions

Oman Cloud - Smart Home Solutions

Smart Home Solutions

Why Choose Us

At OmanCloud, we bring more than a decade of experience in delivering top-tier security and CCTV system solutions. But it's not just about what we offer, it's about how we serve you. We prioritize our customers above all else. Whether it's through our prompt First Line customer support or our readily available on-site field service support, we are always here to assist you. We even provide end-user support to ensure our technology serves you with ease and efficiency. Choosing OmanCloud means choosing an unwavering commitment to your satisfaction.