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BeSuRe International has been a specialized wholesaler in Electronic Article Security (EAS), Camera Security and People (Customer) Counting Systems for over 10 years.

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BeSuRe International - INTERTOYS Druten / Venray

INTERTOYS Druten / Venray

For Toy Store we took care of the People Counting (for several locations) with the FootfallCam. The entrepreneur wanted more insight into an accurate count of the number of visitors, the turn-in rate and conversions with his POS system.

This wish has been fully and satisfactorily met with the implementation of the Footfallcam People Counter.

BeSuRe International - Woon en Slaap Almelo / Enschede

Woon en Slaap Almelo / Enschede

In the COVID period, this entrepreneur wanted an access system where the number of visitors in his stores was regulated with Occupancy Control. With the FootfallCam Occupancy Control and a screen, visitors were informed about the number of visitors present at that time and the maximum number of visitors that are allowed.

After this period, this retailer still uses the People Counting options of the system to full satisfaction and the conversions he can make from them with his turnover data.

BeSuRe International - ESA / ESTEC Noordwijk

ESA / ESTEC Noordwijk

For the restaurants on this complex, there was a need for visitor regulation in the restaurants during the COVID period.

With FootfallCam Occupancy Control, the maximum number of visitors in the restaurant could be managed.


We supply the complete range of FootfallCam.

Contact us for a consultation in which we can make an inventory of your needs and, based on this, compile a solution-oriented offer for you.

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Our customers appreciate us for our transparent and independent advice. Honest advice about possibilities and impossibilities of systems prevents disappointment afterwards. But also the short (fast) lines between you as a customer and us as a supplier are absolutely part of our strengths.